• Generation Adidas Norcross Cup Champions & Finalists
      The Generation Adidas Norcross Cup would like to thank all participants for attending and congratulate the following Champions and Finalists.
      U08 Girls Generation Champion: UFA Norcross 08 Premier Finalist: U8 Central Girls Black
      U08 Boys Generation Champion: SSC U8 Academy Red Finalist: UFA NORCROSS 08B
      U09 Girls Generation Champion: U9 LSA Sharks: Gold Finalist: Concorde Fire North Black
      U09 Girls Champions Champion: Ambush G07 Red Finalist: DSC 07 Chastain
      U09 Boys Generation Champion: GPS Carolina U9 Boys Finalist: Smyrna Soccer Club 06/07 Boys Red
      U09 Boys Champions Champion: Inter Atlanta FC U9Boys Premier Finalist: NASA U9 Liverpool
      U09 Boys Predator Champion: NASA U9 Stoke City Finalist: U9 WHITE
      U10 Girls 8v8 Generation Champion: UFA 06 Premier Finalist: NASA G24 Elite
      U10 Girls 6v6 Generation Champion: LSA 05/06 Gold Finalist: UFA-Norcross Premier 06
      U10 Girls 6v6 Champions Champion: Glaswegians Finalist: NASA G24 Premier Quest
      U10 Girls 6v6 Predator Champion: UFA-Norcross 06 Red Finalist: UFA 06 Blue
      U10 Boys 8v8 Generation Champion: GPS Carolina U10 Boys Finalist: SSC 06 Academy Red
      U10 Boys 6v6 Generation Champion: NASA U10 Manchester City Finalist: UFA 06 Red
      U10 Boys 6v6 Champions Champion: CASA 05 Boys Orange Finalist: SSC U10B White
      U10 Boys 6v6 Predator Champion: Atlanta Fire 05/06 Bronze Finalist: Inter Atlanta FC U10Boys Silver
      U11 Girls Generation Champion: GPS Carolina U11 Girls Finalist: NASA G23 Elite
      U11 Girls Champions Champion: UFA Norcross Red 05 Finalist: SSA Northside U11 Girls White
      U11 Girls Predator Champion: NASA G23 White Finalist: Alpharetta Ambush G05 White
      U11 Boys Generation Champion: Alianza Gold Finalist: GPS Carolina U11 Boys
      U11 Boys Champions Champion: DDYSC 05 Wolves Elite Finalist: Concorde Fire 05 North Red
      U11 Boys Predator Champion: UFA 05 Black Finalist: UFA 05 Gold
      U12 Girls 11v11 Generation Champion: Tophat 22 Navy Finalist: NASA G22 Academy Elite
      U12 Girls 8v8 Generation Champion: UFA Norcross Premier 04 Finalist: Inter Atlanta FC U12Girls Elite
      U12 Girls 8v8 Champions Champion: Tophat 22- Blue Finalist: DSC 04G Revolution Green
      U12 Boys 11v11 Generation Champion: UFA 04 Premier Finalist: SSA Chelsea 04B Predator Blue
      U12 Boys 11v11 Champions Champion: Ponte Vedra Storm 03/04 Boys Gold Finalist: UFA Norcross Eagles 04B
      U12 Boys 8v8 Generation Champion: Tennessee SC 2022 Showcase Finalist: MAYS Buckhead 04B Blue
      U12 Boys 8v8 Champions Champion: UFA 04 Gold Finalist: Inter Atlanta FC U12Boys Excel
      U12 Boys 8v8 Predator Champion: AFC Lightning '04 Boys Yellow Finalist: UFA 04 Silver
      U13 Girls Generation Champion: UFA 03 Premier Finalist: Atlanta Fire 02/03 Elite White
      U13 Girls Champions Champion: TH-21 Navy Finalist: UFA-Norcross 03 Premier G
      U13 Girls Predator Champion: BUSA 03 Elite Finalist: UFA 03 Black
      U13 Boys Generation Champion: Darlington Soccer Academy 02 Finalist: Ambush Boys 03 Red
      U13 Boys Champions Champion: Concorde Fire Central Black Finalist: B21 Classic Premier
      U13 Boys Predator Champion: Concorde Fire Central White Finalist: MAYS Buckhead 03B Blue
      U14 Girls Generation Champion: 02 Girls Roswell Santos Blue Finalist: Cherokee Impact 02 Gold
      U14 Girls Champions Champion: NASA G20 Premier Finalist: UFA Norcross 02 Premier
      U14 Girls Predator Champion: Tampa Bay United Elite 01/02 Finalist: Concorde Fire North White
      U14 Boys Generation Champion: UFA Norcross 02B Premier Finalist: Smyrna SC 02B Red
      U14 Boys Champions Champion: KSA 02 ELITE Finalist: FSCG Speed Street Nitros
      U14 Boys Predator Champion: CSA North Select Finalist: Concorde Fire North White
      U15 Girls Generation Champion: TH 19 Gold Finalist: Ambush G01 Red
      U15 Girls Champions Champion: LSA Sharks Navy 00/01 Finalist: SSA Chelsea 01G Select Blue 1
      U15 Girls Predator Champion: LNSC LC Legends Finalist: UFA Norcross 01G Gold
      U15 Boys Generation Champion: SSA Chelsea 01B Elite Finalist: GA Rush U15 Elite
      U15 Boys Champions Champion: UFA 01 Red Finalist: Alianza Elite
      U15 Boys Predator Champion: Inter Atlanta FC Blues Premier Finalist: NASA B'19 Royal
      U16 Girls Generation Champion: UFA 00 Gold Finalist: Miami Lakes SC 99/00
      U16 Girls Champions Champion: RYSA Revolution 01 Girls Blue Finalist: CSA Charlotte SA Copa G
      U16 Boys Super Group Champion: United FA 00 Premier Finalist: Ambush B00 Red
      U16 Boys Champions Champion: Coral Estates S.c. Ces Strikers Finalist: Atlanta Fire 99/00 Elite-Black
      U16 Boys Predator Champion: GS 00B Gold Finalist: FUSION F.C. 00 Black
      U16 Boys Copa Champion: UFA South Georgia 00 Premier Finalist: YMCA Rome Arsenal U16 00 Red
      U16 Boys Mundial Champion: NASA B'18 Select Finalist: UFA 01 Gold
      U17 Girls Generation Champion: Ambush G99 Red Finalist: NASA G'17 Premier
      U17 Girls Champions Champion: Attack 99 Black II Finalist: UFA 99 Black
      U17 Boys Generation Champion: USC 99 Boys Premier Finalist: Concorde Fire North Black
      U17 Boys Champions Champion: UFA South Georgia 99 Premier Finalist: NCSF Premier
      U17 Boys Predator Champion: Barrow 99 Galaxy Blue Finalist: OSC 99 Boys
      U18/19 Girls Generation Champion: UFA-Norcross Premier 98 Finalist: UFA South Georgia 98 Premier
      U18/19 Girls Champions Champion: NASA G16 Premier Finalist: UFA-Norcross Red 98
      U18/19 Boys Generation Champion: HFC Red Finalist: UFA Norcross Premier
      U18/19 Boys Champions Champion: MAYS Buckhead 98B Blue Finalist: Inter Atlanta FC 98 U17B Elite
      U18/19 Boys Predator Champion: Ambassadors Gold 98 Finalist: Augusta Arsenal 98 Gold
    • Refund Policy
      In the event that the Generation Adidas Norcross Cup is canceled due to inclement weather, each team that has paid, has been accepted, bracketed and scheduled to play will receive a refund of the registration fees that they paid.
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