• 2018 Red Stick Soccer Tournament (March 10 and 11) at the Burbank Soccer Complex
      3/18/18 (7:30pm)
      Red Stick Tournament Teams,
      Below are the Division Winners. We will be mailing medals to all U9 and U10 teams. Rings for the Champions and Finalists will be mailed to each team as well. I will do my best to make it to each BRSC team’s practice to award their rings at practice and get a picture. If you see any mistakes please let me know.
      U11 Girls Gold Division
      Champion: 07 BRSC Black (6 pts)
      Finalist: IFC 07 Grey (3 pts; GD4: +1)
      U11 Girls Silver Division
      Champion: 07 BRSC Red (9pts)
      Finalist: Jungle Crew (6 pts)
      U12 Girls Gold Division
      Champion: 06 BRSC Black (7 pts)
      Finalist: 07 FORCE (6 pts)
      U12 Girls Silver Division
      Champion: 06 BRSC Maroon (4 pts; GD4: +3)
      Finalist: Northeast 06 LA SA NELSA FC (4 pts; GD4: +1)
      U13/U14 Girls Gold Division
      Champion: 04 Louisiana Fire Grey (6 pts; GD4: +5)
      Finalist: SSS PDC 03/04 (6 pts; GD4: +3)
      U15/U16 Girls Gold Division
      Champion: 02 NELSA NFC (4 pts; GD4: +4)
      Finalist: BRSC 03 Red (4 pts; GD4: +1)
      U17/U18/U19 Girls Gold Division
      Champion: Gonzales SC 99 Blue (9 pts; GD4: +7)
      Finalist: SYSC 01 Green (9 pts; GD4: +5)
      U11 Boys Gold Division
      Champions: 07 SYSC Green (6 pts; GD4: +7)
      Finalist: 07 BRSC Red (6 pts; GD4: +6)
      U11 Boys Silver Division
      Champions: 07 Dynamo Jrs Grey (9 pts)
      Finalist: Dynamo Jrs Black (7 pts)
      U12 Boys Gold Division
      Champions: 06 BRSC Red (6 pts)
      Finalist: 06 LA Fire LP Red
      U12 Boys Silver Division
      No Champion; all teams did not play 3 games.
      3rd place team could have moved to 1st with a 3rd game
      U13 Boys Gold Division
      Champions: 05 Motagua Juniors (6 pts; GD4: +6)
      Finalist: 05 BRSC Black (6 pts; GD4: +5)
      U14 Boys Gold Division
      Champions: 04 BRSC Red (6 pts; GD4: +6) * by way of going flip agreed to by both coaches; game had gone to kicks from the mark after regulation
      Finalist: 04 MSC Lakers (6 pts; GD4: +8)
      U15 Boys Gold Division
      Champions: Academy 03 Premier (6 pts; GD4: +8)
      Finalist: BRSC 03 Boys Maroon (6 pts; GD4: +6)
      U16 Boys Gold Division
      Champions: BRSC 02 Red (6 pts; GD4: +3)
      Finalist: FCD-EC (EC 6 pts; GD4: +2)
      U16 Boys Silver Division
      Champions: CABOSA Shreveport United 02 Blue (6 pts)
      Finalist: Cross Roads Pride 02 (4 pts)
      U18/U19 Boys Gold Division
      Champions: GSC Thunder (7 pts; GD4: +3)
      Finalist: BRSC 01 Maroon (7 pts; GD4: +2)
      U19 Boys Gold Division
      Champions: BRSC 99/00 Black (6 pts; GD4: +5)
      Finalist: 99 Motagua Juniors (6 pts; GD4: +3)
      Paul Fletcher
      BRSC Tournament Director
      Email: pfletcher@brsoccer.org
      3/11/18 (10:38am)
      The remainder of the Red Stick Tournament has been canceled due to the severe weather forecast and the safety of those traveling home. We will declare winners of the various divisions wherever possible and awards mailed.
      3/11/18 (7:37am)
      Red Stick Teams,
      In an effort to avoid possible weather delays, we plan to start the 10:00am games at 9:30am if both teams and referees are ready to go. Please try to have your warm ups done and ready to play at 9:30am. We will start play as soon as both teams are ready to go.
      Also, we will not be collecting and Parking Fees today. Please use caution when leaving the complex.
      Paul Fletcher
      Tournament Director
      The Burbank Soccer Complex will be one way in and one way out. Each vehicle will be charged a $5.00 Parking Fee on Saturday. Coaches and Referees should enter in the "Pre Paid Pass" line and identify themselves. Anyone who has pre purchased a parking pass may enter in the "Pre Paid Parking Pass" lane as well. The $5.00 parking pass is good all weekend.
      The right hand lanes will be to purchase the Parking Pass and the left hand lane will be for Pre Paid Parking Passes.
      Please be sure to share the attachment on to your parents.
      Paul Fletcher
      3/9/18 (10:55am)
      The Tournament Committee has met and based on all current information we are going forward with the Red Stick Tournament as planned.
      We will get some rain but the forecast calls for less than an inch. The fields are in great shape and have had 4 good days to dry out since our last rain event. The heavier rain is scheduled to push through Saturday evening. The only thing that could cause any delays would be if the lighting detector goes off.
      A couple of tips:
      1. Have all your players pack a large garbage bag in their back pack. Once they arrive at the field have them place their back pack in the garbage bag before the game starts. This will help to keep everything dry during any rain showers.
      2. Bring a Rain Coat or Rain jacket!
      Enjoy the weekend with your teams!
      Paul Fletcher
      3/7/18 (5:19pm)
      Red Stick Teams,
      The Tournament Schedule has been updated and locked in. Please check your brackets, game times and field numbers in case anything has changed. I have done my absolute best to accomdate all coaching conflicts (coaches with multiple teams), balance brackets given the number of teams entered and last minute teams that dropped out, considering distance traveled and game times, scheduling teams based on field and referee availability.
      Weather Update
      We have been monitoring the weather for this weekend for the past 10 days. The fields at the Burbank Soccer Complex are in very good shape and will be very dry going into the weekend. The latest weather reports call for rain moving in on Saturday afternoon/evening. We can play in some rain especially if the rain does not arrive until later on Saturday afternoon. The various foreacast models do call for at least a 60% chance of rain on Saturday (afternoon/evening). We realize that many of you will be traveling and we want to deliver this tourament- even if it means playing some games in the rain. We will listen to the weather updates tonight and in the morning and update you all again tomorrow. I am also in touch with our local Chief Weather Meteorologist, Jay Grimes. The Final call will be made by 11am on Friday, March 9. Expect another weather update emailed and posted tomorrow.
      Paul Fletcher
      Tournament Director
      3/5/18 (4:45pm)
      Please be sure to check your schedules this evening. I had three teams to drop out today and had to redo several schedules. At this time we need only one team to round out the tournament: 2006 U12 Gold Division. If you know of any teams that want to play in the U12 Boys Black Division please have them contact me.
      3/4/18 (9:25pm)
      As of 9:25 this evening I have been able to accomodate all conflicts for coaches with two teams that emailed me with those conflicts and balanced all but two age brackets. The only age groups that I need to balance at this time are: the U15/16 Girls Division (need one team) and U11 Girls Silver Division (need one team). All other age brackets are closed.
      It is best to email me with any questions at pfletcher@brsoccer.org. I will respond to all emails and questions within 24 hours (sooner if possible).
      Welcome to the 2018 Team Automotive Red Stick Soccer Tournament. BRSC would like to invite all U9 - U19 teams to Baton Rouge to play at the beautiful Burbank Soccer Complex to play on March 10th and 11th of 2018.
      ENTRY DEADLINE IS: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2018 (teams entered after that may be placed on a wait list.)  
      2009 birth year – U9   7v7 format (Festival Format: teams will play two games on Saturday)
      2008 birth year – U10  7v7 format (Festival Format: teams will play two games on Saturday)
      2007 birth year – U11  9v9 format
      2006 birth year – U12  9v9 format
      Clubs that enter 6 or more teams will have access to 1 Golf Cart for Director (or designated club representative). Please contact the Tournament Director to reserve your cart.
      This is a stay to play tournament.  Please follow the link below to set up your hotel stay with CSTT,
       ***The Tournament Committee seeds each team based on gender, playing level, age group and tournament experience. To assist with proper seeding and to expedite your Application, please complete all of the information requested. Your application cannot be considered without providing this information. Teams are registered on a first-come, first-served basis based on current playing level. If we are unable to assemble a competitive four team bracket in your division, you will be contacted to discuss your options. Full refunds will be given to teams withdrawing before the Application Deadline Date listed above. No refunds will be given after that date unless your Division does not materialize. If your team is not accepted, your entry fee will be promptly refunded in full. Once your team is accepted in the tournament, your entry fee will be forfeited if you withdraw after the deadline date. No refunds, partial or in full, will be paid because of matches canceled or shortened due to inclement weather during the event.
      We are looking forward to seeing you all in March!
      email: pfletcher@brsoccer.org
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    • Tournament Information
      March 10-11, 2018
      Burbank Soccer Complex
      12400 Burbank Drive
      Baton  Rouge, LA  70810
      Registration Deadline:  Friday, February 23, 2018
      Boys and Girls:  U9-U10 Festival Format
      C1, C2, C3 & Recreational Teams U11 thru U19 Tournament Format
      $150   U9-U10 Festival which consist of 2 games on Saturday (Participation Medals for all teams)
      $475   U11-U12
      $525   U13-U19 
      Credit Card, (Register Online Only)
      Referee Assignor: 
      Jennifer Politz jpolitz@brosser.org
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