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Free Agent
Emma Arnold
GPA: ### SAT: ####
Ht: ## Wt:###
Graduation: 2020
Bristol, TN
FC Dallas TRI 01G Premier
Potential Guest PlayersPotential Guest Players
Emma ArnoldU17Tennessee
Abigail AtchleyCommitted to a team
Rachel BagleyU16Kansas
Riley BakerU17Massachusetts
Elizabeth BelcherU16Kentucky
Roby BoatmanU18Alabama
Danielle BorrinoU17New Jersey
Brooke BoutchieU19Florida
Dakota CimettaU16Florida
Jillian DeSantisU19New Jersey
Courtney FrederickU19Florida
Evelyn GoodwillU16Virginia
Katherine HayesU18Montana
Alysia InosencioU18Florida
Caley JusticeU16North Carolina
Tia LecoxU17Canada
Megan MackeyU18Virginia
Brina MicheelsCommitted to a team
Olivia NeidhardtU16Ohio
Mackenzie RyanU18Massachusetts
Madison SmallCommitted to a team
Kacey SmekrudU19Kentucky