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  • U15 Girls State Champion: KSC Courage
  • U16 Girls State Champion: KSC Freedom
  • U17 Girls State Champion: HSC Academy Select
  • U18 Girls State Champion: CSA Courage
  • Delaware receives a Wildcard draws for Regional's - Boys U12 (11 v 11)

Congratulations to our new State Cup Champions


AGE     Champion                    Finalist

BU12    KSC Roma                  HSC Union  Wildcard

BU13    HSC Thunder               DSB Kickers United

BU14    HSC Arsenal                CDSA rowdies

BU15    HSC Heat                     CSA Chaos

BU16    KSC Ajax Premier       HSC Strikers Premier

BU17    HSC Cyclones             De United FC Blizzard

BU18    HSC Clash                  

BU19    RSC COSMOS             Revolution

GU12   HSC Clash                   CSA Avalanche

GU13   CDSA Riptide              HSC Lady Hawks

GU14   HSC Blast                    KSC Panthers Premier

GU15   KSC Courage               HSC Freedom

GU16   KSC Freedom              CDSA Synergy

GU17   HSC Academy Select              

GU18   CSA Courage               DE United FC Blue Monkeys 91

GU19 DE United FC Blue Monkeys



Competing in the Delaware State Cup

US Youth Soccer State Championships are held in each of the 55 US Youth Soccer member state associations, some in the fall, but most throughout the spring. Champions in the Under 14 through Under 19 age divisions advance to represent their state association at their respective regional championships, where an invitation to the US Youth Soccer National Championships is on the line.



  Zero Tolerance Policy

Coaches and Assistant Coaches are expected to maintain a high level of sportsmanship, professionalism, and integrity both on and off the field. Coaches must maintain respect for the game as well as the referees and all others involved with the game. Coaches are charged with the responsibility of controlling their players and parents at all times during a match. Coaches lead and teach by example. They are expected to have respect for the game, the authority of the referee, and his/her assistants


The DELAWARE YOUTH SOCCER ASSOCIATION FIRST STATE CUP, and referees will be taking a Zero Tolerance. Any harassment, foul or abusive language along with berating of the referees, players or fans during or after the match by players, coaches or parents will be dealt with under Zero Tolerance.


See updates to the FIRST STATE CUP Rules

Accepted Teams 2010

Accepted Teams 2010

AGE          TEAM NAME
U12 Female HSC Clash
U12 Female CSA Avalanche
U12 Male KSC Roma
U12 Male HSC Union
U12 Male CDSA Fire
U12 Male RSC Express
U12 Male CSA Cosmos
U13 Female CDSA Riptide
U13 Female HSC LadyHawks
U13 Female KSC Blue Ice
U13 Female MOT Dynamites

Div 1
U13 Male WUFC Rangers 96
U13 Male CSA Revolution
U13 Male Henlopen Barracudas
U13 Male CDSA Mutiny

Div 2
U13 Male HSC Lightning
U13 Male DSB Kickers United
U13 Male HSC Thunder
U13 Male KSC Liverpoo

U14 Female HSC Blast
U14 Female CDSA Surge
U14 Female KSC Panthers Premier
U14 Female HSC Storm
U14 Female CSA United White
U14 Male cdsa rowdies
U14 Male KSC United
U14 Male HSC Arsenal
U14 Male RSC Rovers
Div 1
U15 Male M.O.T. Vipers
U15 Male CSA Chaos
U15 Male KSC Milan

Div 2

U15 Male KSC Hurricanes
U15 Male HSC Heat
U15 Male KSC Blaze 
Div 1
U16 Male RSC Rapids
U16 Male HSC Strikers Premier
U16 Male CDSA Arsenal

Div 2
U16 Male KSC Ajax Premier
U16 Male MOT Knights
U16 Male CSA Titans Premier

U17 Male DSB Kickers '92
U17 Male De United FC Blizzard
U17 Male RSC Raiders
U17 Male HSC Cyclones
U18 Male HSC Clash
U18 Male KSC Nemesis
U18 Male M.O.T.FORCE
U19 Female DEUFC Blue Monkeys
U19 Male Revolution
U19 Male DE United F.C.

DE Blue Monkeys GU19 make semi finals and the HSC Blast GU14 make the finals at the Region 1 National Championships in Barboursville, WV

Watch for updates!

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You can sign up for messaging to keep up with the scores of games you can't attend.  Your family and friends at home can also keep up with your results.

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