Tournament Updates
3-1-2015 @ 11:10 am
We will finish all round robin games this morning, but due to deteriorating field conditions, all finals of all age groups are canceled. Bracket winners will be declared co-champions and medals will be sent to those teams.
Thank you for participating in the 2015 Concorde Fire Challenge Cup.
Challenge Cup Tournament Committee
3-1-2015 @ 6:45 am
All venues are open and operating  as scheduled.  Games at Henderson and Livsey will play with two 25 minute halves.
2-28-2015 @ 10:29 pm
Rain is forecasted for the morning. The Challenge Committee is watching the forecast through the night. Please check the website in the morning for any possible updates
2-27-2015 @ 6:58 pm
The Challenge Cup Committee has delayed the start time for the first game on Saturday until 10 am.  There will be a new schedule for all Saturday games and those should be available online today after 8:30 pm.  Please carefully check the schedule for time AND venue updates.  A couple of venues (U10 and U11) have been changed for the safety of our players.  The schedules will be taken offline for a time to update them and they should be back online by 8:30 pm.  Read the entire weekend’s schedule carefully for all games so you are reporting to the correct venue at the correct time.
Games will have 25 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime.
2/26/2015 @ 10:58 am
The Challenge Cup staff is currently at the fields working on them and accessing their condition.  Please check back here for any updates regarding the tournament for this weekend.
For updated venue information, go to the INFORMATION tab on the top bar and then the VENUES tab on the left bar.

2015 Challenge Cup

February 28-March 1, 2015 - Boys' Tournament

The Concorde Fire Challenge Cup is one the of the nation's largest soccer tournaments for ages U8-U14, attracting nearly 500 teams nationwide. This highly competitive tournament is hosted by one of the nation’s premier soccer clubs, Concorde Fire Soccer Club. Please join us in Atlanta, Georgia on February 28-March 1, 2015.


Tournament Housing
To insure the quality of service provided at the 2015 Concorde Fire Challenge Cup tournament, Concorde Fire Soccer club has partnered with THE TOURNAMENT OFFICE as the official Hospitality Service of the tournament.

All teams who need accommodations must book hotel reservations through THE TOURNAMENT OFFICE to insure their place in the 2015 Challenge Cup tournament. Any teams that do not comply will be at risk of forfeiting their acceptance.  THE TOURNAMENT OFFICE guarantees the lowest rate available.  THE TOURNAMENT OFFICE will make this process efficient and friendly for you, while providing exceptional hotel accommodations for all teams. Most hotels offer a continental breakfast, kid friendly services, budget conscious rates, and amenities to enhance your stay. Each hotel is strategically located just minutes from the fields.  Contact THE TOURNAMENT OFFICE by email or phone; or 704-882-2467.  Provide your contact information, team name, age, gender, and number of hotel rooms desired.

Thank you for supporting the 2015 Challenge Cup tournament hosted by the Concorde Fire Soccer Club.

Entry Fee
U08 (6 v 6) - $420
U09  (6 v 6) —$420
U10 (6 v 6) — $420
U10 (8 v 8) — $525
U11  (8 v 8) —$525
U12 (8 v 8) — $525
U12 (11 v 11) — $575
U13 (11 v 11) — $575
U14 (11 v 11) — $575

The Concorde Fire Challenge Cup is an Unrestricted tournament.  All affiliations may apply. 

Unrestricted tournament
Three guest players (from same or lower division) allowed

Roster Limits:  U08, U09 & U10 = 12 players maximum
Roster Limits:  U10 (8v8) & U11 & U12 = 14 players maximum
Roster Limits:  U12(11v11) & U13 & U14 = 18 players maximum

Documentation Required
The following documentation will be required at check-in on Friday, February 27, 2015 at Tournament Headquarters.  For more information, click on the INFORMATION tab and then the CHECK-IN link.

Online Check-In will be available.  Online Check-In is strongly encouraged and must be completed by 1 pm on Wednesday, February 25th.  Metro Atlanta traffic can be unpredictable and unpleasant on Fridays.  Online check-in is easy and fast and will save you time and energy the night before the tournament.

At registration, teams must provide the required credentials.  All teams must present:
*State Roster - One (1) copy of their official roster with guest payers written on the bottom
*Player numbers must be written on the state roster next to the player's name
*Player Release Form signed by each parent (this must be the Concorde Fire Form)
*A current, Medical Release Form for each player - including guest players.  (Current means with the past 12 months.)
*Player I.D. Cards - laminated with photographs and signatures.
*Permission to Travel Form - USYSA teams from outside Georgia must also provide this including a roster listing all players authorized to travel.
*Game Rosters/Game Cards printed from your Soccer in College team page - 4 copies

USYSA rules with three (3) games minimum.

Match Duration:  U08, U09 & U10 =   2 x 25 minutes
Match Duration:  U11 & U12 = 2 x 30 minutes
Match Duration:  U13 & U14 = 2 x 30 minutes

T-Shirts will be available on the fields.
The 2015 Concorde Fire Challenge Cup Tournament Apparel can be purchased on site or by pre-ordering. 

Shirts in a variety of styles will be available at each venue for $18-$42 each.  If you would like to see the available styles or pre-order shirts, please CLICK HERE .

More Information
Elizabeth Johnson
2015 Challenge Cup Administrator
Concorde Fire Soccer Office:  (404) 847-0096

In the event of inclement weather, call hotline regarding Field Status updates:  770-686-7886
Also, you can check the Concorde Fire website, click here.


Online Check-In

Online Check-in is now available for this event.

What is Online Check-in?

Online Check-in eliminates the need for your team to show up in person before your first game by allowing you to complete the check-in process online. You will be required to upload .pdf files or images to the secure sincSports cloud. The event will determine which documents are required.

There is a $20 non-refundable fee. You must scan documents or take digital photos to complete this process. We will help you through the rest! Please click the link below to begin:

Begin Online Check-in

Refund Policy
Full refunds of the registration fees paid will be made to teams if the Concorde Fire Challenge Cup is canceled due to inclement weather before a team plays 2 games.