FASA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development and promotion of youth soccer. In addition to developing exceptional soccer skills, we believe the experiences our players gain helps them develop self confidence and is something that impacts them throughout their lifetime.
The FASA “tradition” is to provide a positive learning environment so that each player can achieve constant improvement and develop excellent individual & team skills. We have been serving the Travel Soccer Community for over 30 years - and have added our Classic League as a quality alternative to travel soccer.   Please utilize the links to the left to gather more detailed information.
What is ASDL all about?
ASDL is for all kids age 4 through High School.  Our clear focus is for players to get more “touches on the ball” and activity with the soccer ball. Teams U12 and below all play small-sided (i.e. 4v4, 7v7, 8v8).  The goal is for them to be involved in all aspects of the game (attacking & defending). Our small-sided format and player development focus insures all players are involved (not standing in a spot on the field or running with / following the “herd”). We are following the successful format and guidelines laid out by US Soccer and the Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA).  U13 & up play 11v11.
Advanced Skills Development League Highlights
  • More time with the coach 
  • More practical space to be successful 
  • Increased number of contacts with the ball 
  • More actual playing time
  • Energetic workouts due to playing both offense and defense
  • Required to make more quality decisions 
  • Experience repeating game situations more frequently
  • The work rate and involvement of a player stays consistent
  • While learning both offense and defense, a player will become more complete and will understand more readily the roles and importance of teammates
  • Greater success rate
  • Players are carded through VYSA - which makes them eligible for recreational tournaments (and provides other benefits)
  • ASDL coaches receive training & support from licensed FASA Coaching Staff
  • Program designed more for individual skill development (not about team wins /losses) 
  • Opportunity for players to advance to Travel & Super Y teams within the FASA organization 

Online Check-In

Online Check-in is now available for this event.

What is Online Check-in?

Online Check-in eliminates the need for your team to show up in person before your first game by allowing you to complete the check-in process online. You will be required to upload .pdf files or images to the secure sincSports cloud. The event will determine which documents are required.

There is a $20 non-refundable fee. You must scan documents or take digital photos to complete this process. We will help you through the rest! Please click the link below to begin:

Begin Online Check-in

We've enhanced our tournament services to help make your participation in our event more interactive and enjoyable. 

You can sign up for messaging to keep up with the scores of games you can't attend.  Your family and friends at home can also keep up with your results.

Of course, we'll be posting the scores online ASAP and will show the standings and tie-breakers as the tournament progresses.

Keep your eye on this column for the latest updates.