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The FPYC Father's Day All-Star Tournament Team wishes to thank you for another successfull tournament!  

With the excessive rain the week leading into the tournament we were worried, but our volunteers and the participating teams all stepped up and showed mother nature that we were not to be beat.  We hope that you enjoyed your time with us and that you will return again next year.  

Scores, standings, champions and finalists have been posted.  

Enjoy your summer and we will see you on the pitch.


ATTENTION 10 BOYS Red Divison:  A field change was announced yesterday for this division.  Games have been moved from Providence Park to Pat Rodio Park.   This is the same field that you played your afternoon games on.  Field directions can be found under the 2014 Documents page above.
June 14, 2014 - updates are also posted below for fields with morning closures.
ATTENTION U8 BOYS Purple and Orange Divisons:  A field change was announced yesterday for these two divisions.  Games have been moved from Pat Rodio Park to Lanier Middle School, fields 7 and 8.  Field directions can be found under the 2014 Documents page above.
Field Closures:
UPDATE:  8:15am
Lake Fairfax, field #6, is CLOSED SATURDAY MORNING.  Teams playing in the afternoon (1:00pm or later) will be called if the field cannot be opened for play, today.
Fairfax Villa, fields #1 and 2 are CLOSED SATURDAY MORNING.  We are evaluating now for afternoon games.
Poplar Tree Park, field #1 - CLOSED SATURDAY MORNING
Hutchison Park, field #3 - 8:00am game has been cancelled.  Evaluating now for remainder of the morning games. 
Providence Park, U10 Boys, Red Division - CLOSED SATURDAY MORNING.  Afternoon games (those beginning after 12 noon) will be played on Pat Rodio Park.  Field directions can be found under the 2014 Documents page above.
June 13, 2014
The FPYC Father's Day All Star Tournament Staff sincerely appreciates the current weather situation and what it has done to the grass fields that we are using across Fairfax.
We will be monitoring the status of our grass fields throughout Friday and we will be inspecting every grass field at or around 6:00am Saturday morning.
We will be posting grass field status as soon as we are able on Saturday morning.
We will contact team reps of teams negatively impacted as early as we can on Saturday morning.
Please check the tournament website on a frequent basis to ensure you have the most updated grass field information throughout Saturday.
Thanks for your patience.
June 11, 2014
In person Tournament check-in will be held on Thursday, June 12th, from 6:30 to 9:00pm at the Green Acres Center.  All teams MUST check-in during this time frame, if they have not completed the online process: no team will be allowed to check-in on Saturday morning.
The address for the Green Acres Center is:
4401 Sideburn Rd, Fairfax City
NOVA, 13 J-12
From 495 take I-66 West to Route 123 towards Fairfax. Continue on Route 123 through Fairfax City, turn left on School Street, turn right on University, turn left on Forest Rd, turn right on Sideburn, road ends at school.
From 123 and Braddock Rd: go north on Route 123, turn right on School Street, turn right on University, turn left on Forest Rd, turn right on Sideburn, road ends at school.
Note: Sideburn Rd does not go through to Braddock Rd, and University no longer goes through to Forest Rd.
June 8, 2014
SCHEDULES ARE POSTED.  Please be sure to check for changes as we get closer to the tournament!
Teams playing in our tournament this year MUST check-in prior to the tournament. There are two ways to do this: in-person team check in on Thursday, June 12th at Green Acres Center, between 6:30 and 9:00pm - or - by online through Dropbox, which will be due NO LATER THAN 5:00pm on Friday, June 6th. We apologize that we cannot do this through email, but the size of each file drags our servers to their knees and we cannot accommodate the high volume it takes to process 400+ teams through email.
Documents that we are required to check are the same, regardless of the method used:
  • Tournament roster - 2 copies needed at in-person check in. (see description below)
  • All player passes signed by club (In Virginia, players do not need to sign; however, player signature may be required by other State Associations.)
  • All Medical Release forms signed by parents.
  • Permission to Travel will also be required for teams from states outside Region 1.
Here is the procedure to follow to check in your team via online:
1) The organization contact will need to create a Dropbox account. This is a free account at Once up and running a shared folder will appear. This is where you will put the registration documents. Each organization will have its own folder that can only been accessed by the FPYC Tournament and the organization contact. The organization contact may share your folder with others in your organization, as they deem necessary.
2) Scan the team's tournament roster. You can use the one located above, under the 2014 Documents tab, or your own, as long as it is signed by the club (coaches cannot sign the roster). Please label this “Tournament Roster”.

3) Scan and email ALL player passes, front and back. Before sending, please make sure you can read each pass as we'll be checking them against the roster. Please label this scan "Player Passes".

4) We will need a copy of each player's medical release form.  You can use the form located above, under the 2014 Documents tab, or your own, as long as it is signed by a parent or legal guardian.  Please label this file "Medical Releases"
5) Upload the documents to the folder on Dropbox. Designate each one by the name and age group of each team.
Remember, the deadline is 5:00pm on Friday, June 6th.  If team documentation is not received by that time, you MUST attend in-person registration. No exceptions will be allowed. There will be no registration on Saturday.
May 27, 2014
The Application period has closed. 

FPYC is pleased to announce the 2014 Father's Day All-Star Tournament will be played on June 14 and 15, 2014. The tournament is open to all boys and girls recreational and recreational All-Star teams from the spring 2014 season (No travel teams or players, and no guest players). 

The Father's Day All-Star Tournament includes:

  • Three preliminary games for each team
  • Championship game for each division 
  • Divisions in each age group based on team playing levels (self-reported)
  • All fields are in Fairfax County or Fairfax City 
  • Many artificial turf fields in Fairfax County or Fairfax City 
The tournament application will be available soon!  In the interim, and to help with planning, please know that application fees for each age group for this year are:
U8s - $325
U9s - $350
U10s - $350
U11s (8v8, only) - $375
U12s (8v8, only) - $400
U13s - $450
U14s - $450
U16s - $500
U19s - $525

Please send any questions to the Tournament Directors, Debi Honaker and Becky McNaughton, at


Online Check-In

Online Check-in is now available for this event.

What is Online Check-in?

Online Check-in eliminates the need for your team to show up in person before your first game by allowing you to complete the check-in process online. You will be required to upload .pdf files or images to the secure sincSports cloud. The event will determine which documents are required.

There is a $20 non-refundable fee. You must scan documents or take digital photos to complete this process. We will help you through the rest! Please click the link below to begin:

Begin Online Check-in