2016 CASL visitraleigh.com Girls Showcase 
presented by the US Coast Guard

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Girls Showcase cost? 
$1,495 per team. Payment must be paid at the time of registration otherwise your application is not complete.

When is the application deadline? 
Monday, August 29, 2016. All accepted teams will be posted on the website on September 12, 2016.

When will we know if we've been accepted to the Girls Showcase?
We use a rolling acceptance policy until the application deadline. We understand travel accommodations must be made early so we do our best to notify teams individually of acceptance. Acceptances will be communicated via email.


What is your payment policy?

Teams must pay the full fee during registration. Payment can be made online with a Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit card. Only teams who complete payment will be accepted into the tournament. Only accepted teams can book hotel rooms.

Do we need a Notification to Travel Form?
Yes. Any USYS team from outside North Carolina will need to provide a hard copy of their Notification to Travel form at check-in. US Club teams do not need to provide a Notification to Travel Form.

Do we have to have our medical form notarized?
YES. Per North Carolina State Law, if there is a place on the medical form that requires a notary, then the form must be notarized. This is true even if your state organization may not require a notary's signature.

Can we mix USYS cards or medicals with US Club cards and medicals?
No. You must register as a USYS team or US club team. Guest players must match the teams affiliation.

Can we arrange our own hotels? 
No. We partnered with Anthony Travel to allow teams to receive the best available hotel benefits and ensures all teams receive the protections CASL and Anthony Travel have established with the hotels.
Only teams that have paid in full can be accepted.  Only teams that have been accepted can book hotel rooms. 
Payment does not guarantee acceptance. 
Accepted teams can book hotel rooms here: http://www.anthonytravel.com/casl-girls-showcase/
Teams violating this requirement are subject to disqualification without refund and jeopardizes future participation in CASL tournaments.
Where will we be playing? Will we be playing at WRAL Soccer Park?
We make every effort to scheduled all teams to play at our main facility: WRAL Soccer Park, however, we cannot guarantee that every team will have the opportunity to play there. 

What is the game format? 
Teams will play a true showcase format with one game each day for a total of 3 games.

When do games start on Friday? Can we get a later start time on Friday?
Games begin 8am Friday morning. All teams should plan on arriving Thursday night as we cannot give later start times for teams that want to avoid early Friday games.

When can I schedule flights to leave on Sunday?
The last game will start at 1:30pm on Sunday. We should be able to get all matches finished in time for teams to make 5pm flights out of RDU.

When is check-in for the tournament?
We are providing 3 options for team check-in: 
        1. Online check-in: date TBA. $20 fee for online check-in.

        2. Local check-in: Wednesday, November 30, 2016  from noon-2pm at the CASL Office. Any teams in                   town that want to check-in early can do so at the CASL Office located at 5017 Memory Road, Raleigh,             NC 27609. 

       3. Thursday check-in: Thursday, December 1, 2016 at Dick's Sporting Good located at 3630 Sumner Blvd             Raleigh, NC 27616. Check-in begins at 5:30pm and ends at 9:00pm. This is our normal check-in                       procedure.
I am coaching more than one team during the tournament so can you handle scheduling conflicts? 
Yes, we can handle scheduling conflicts for Showcase teams. We cannot guarantee we can avoid all conflicts but will do our best. 

I am coaching more than one team during the tournament so can you handle scheduling conflicts? 
Yes, we can handle scheduling conflicts for Showcase teams. We cannot guarantee we can avoid all conflicts but will do our best. 

Who do I contact if I would like to referee during the Girls Showcase? 
Please contact our Referee Assignor Ralph Jordan at ralph.jordan@CASLnc.com.

Will tournament points be assigned based on our results? 

We do not control the assigning of points in any of our tournaments. Point values for tournaments are exclusively controlled by the two competing soccer scheduling programs: Got Soccer and Soccer in College. 

How do I guest play with another team?
We will have online registration for guest players along with details on how to register on the website. All guest players must register online as that is the only way teams will be able to locate guest players. Check with your club or state registrar on how to card a guest player.