Enhanced Tournament Services

The 2014 Tournament of Champions has partnered with Soccer In College to enhance the services offered to participants of the tournament.

Teams entering the 2014 Tournament of Championswill be grouped according to past playing record to make the most competitive divisions possible.

The 2014 Tournament of Champions determines final placement based on many factors when ranking teams including: league playing division and record, State Cup and tournament results, ranking services, etc. The 2014 Tournament of Champions has chosen the Soccer In College National Ranking system for our tournament ranking service.

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WakeMed Soccer Park - Cary, North Carolina





U15 Boys Blue

PISA Hurricanes

JUSA Johnston United

U14 Boys Blue

FC Cardinals

CASL Fireballs

U12 Boys Black

FC Cardinals

CASL Quakes

U12 Boys Blue

FASA 01 Elite Hotspurs

Wake FC Manchester United

U11 Boys Blue

Wake FC Real Madrid

Wake FC Barcelona

U11 Boys Black

CASL Knights

CASL WF United Black

U10 Boys Blue

XLSW Everton

FC Cardinals

U10 Boys Black

XLSW Daggers

Wake FC Earthquakes

U10 Boys Gold (8v8)

Liberty Point Soccer Club Sounders

TFC Ral 03 White

U9 Boys Blue

GCAA Cleveland United Shockers

XLSW Gunners

U9 Boys Black


XLSW Saints

U9 Boys Gold

FC Cardinals

Wake FC Dynamo

U13/14 Girls Blue

CASL Heartbreakers

Liberty Point

U12 Girls Blue

TYSC Impact

Wake FC U11 Girls Blue

U10 Girls Blue

CASL FC Diamonds

CASL Blaze

U10 Girls Black

FC Cardinals

Wake FC Arsenal


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