Gulf Coast UnitedFlorida Rush - Nike
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 Prior Matches
DateEventHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
4/10/2010Florida State League Playoffs [TZ3006]Gulf Coast United1Florida Rush - Nike2
9/19/2009Florida State League [FLSTL]Gulf Coast United0Florida Rush - Nike5
9/19/2009Florida State League [FLSTL]Gulf Coast United0Florida Rush - Nike5
9/13/2008Florida State League [FLSTL]Gulf Coast United0Florida Rush - Nike2
8/30/2008Disney Showcase QualifierGulf Coast United1Florida Rush - Nike1
4/13/2008USYS State Cup (FL)Gulf Coast United0Florida Rush - Nike3

 Common Opponents
OpponentGulf Coast UnitedFlorida Rush - Nike
The Alliance '92 Blue8/29/2009Florida State League [FLSTL]W 4-05/2/2009Champions Cup (FL)W 2-1
Strictly Soccer Select9/6/2009Disney Showcase QualifierL 0-23/13/2010Florida CupW 3-0
Strictly Soccer Select9/5/2009Disney Showcase QualifierL 0-28/29/2008Disney Showcase QualifierL 1-6
Jacksonville Fury10/4/2008Florida State League [FLSTL]L 0-211/7/2010Region III Premier League FallL 0-2
Clearwater Chargers 93/94 RED4/11/2009Countryside Easter TournamentW 3-23/7/2009Florida CupL 0-1
Clearwater Chargers 93/94 RED8/21/2008Scrimmage [TZ0281]W 3-211/24/2007Thanksgiving Kickoff ClassicW 1-0
Clearwater Chargers 93/94 RED12/3/2006USA Soccer League [USALG]W 2-111/23/2007Thanksgiving Kickoff ClassicW 10-0
Clearwater Chargers 93/94 RED11/4/2006USA Soccer League [USALG]T 0-08/25/2007Florida State League [FLSTL]T 2-2
Orange County Strikers4/12/2008USYS State Cup (FL)W 2-14/12/2008USYS State Cup (FL)W 1-0
West Florida Premier SC ( EastLake)9/18/2010Florida State League [FLSTL]L 1-29/19/2009Florida State League [FLSTL]T 0-0
West Florida Premier SC ( EastLake)3/20/2010Florida State league Playoffs [TZ3152]W 2-09/19/2009Florida State League [FLSTL]T 0-0
Plantation Eagles 934/12/2008USYS State Cup (FL)T 1-13/19/2012USYS State Cup (FL)L 0-1
Kendall Soccer Coalition3/30/2008USYS State Cup (FL)L 1-22/16/200811V11 President's Day ChallengeL 1-2
GSA Gainesville United9/19/2009Florida State League [FLSTL]W 2-110/17/2009Florida State League [FLSTL]W 5-1
GSA Gainesville United9/20/2008Florida State League [FLSTL]T 2-24/4/2009USYS State Cup (FL)W 3-0
New Tampa Comets "Blue"2/24/2007FYSA Region A Commissioner's CupW 4-19/2/2007Disney Showcase QualifierW 1-0
New Tampa Comets "Blue"12/10/2006USA Soccer League [USALG]W 2-04/15/2007USYS State Cup (FL)L 2-3
Space Coast Storm10/3/2009Florida State League [FLSTL]W 1-03/20/2010Florida State League Playoffs [TZ3006]W 3-1
Space Coast Storm9/13/2008Florida State League [FLSTL]W 4-09/26/2009Florida State League [FLSTL]W 2-1
Manatee Magic1/21/2007USA Soccer League [USALG]L 1-211/25/2007Thanksgiving Kickoff ClassicW 2-1
Manatee Magic12/2/2006USA Soccer League [USALG]L 1-28/25/2007Florida State League [FLSTL]W 3-2
TBU Premier/Formerly RSL Florida9/3/2011Disney Showcase QualifierL 1-210/10/2010Region III Premier League FallW 1-0
TBU Premier/Formerly RSL Florida2/15/2009Score At The ShoreL 0-25/23/2010USYS State Cup (FL)L 0-2
JUFC 93/94 Boys Black9/26/2009Florida State League [FLSTL]W 3-14/17/2010USYS State Cup (FL)W 3-1
JUFC 93/94 Boys Black9/26/2009Florida State League [FLSTL]W 3-110/3/2009Florida State League [FLSTL]W 2-0
JUFC 93/94 Boys Black10/4/2008Florida State League [FLSTL]W 2-12/14/200911V11 President's Day ChallengeW 5-0
Gulf Coast Texans 94 Boys4/6/2007Countryside Easter TournamentL 1-23/28/2010USYS State Cup (FL)W 2-0
South Florida Elite Blue5/8/2010USYS State Cup (FL)L 2-32/16/200911V11 President's Day ChallengeL 0-2
South Florida Elite Blue9/5/2009Disney Showcase QualifierL 0-48/29/2008Disney Showcase QualifierL 1-3
South Florida Elite Blue8/31/2008Disney Showcase QualifierL 0-14/14/2007USYS State Cup (FL)W 3-1
Orlando FC - 93/94 International9/20/2008Florida State League [FLSTL]L 0-13/15/2008Florida State League [FLSTL]W 3-0
Fc Sarasota10/11/2008Florida State League [FLSTL]W 2-13/21/2009USYS State Cup (FL)W 2-1
Creeks Clash9/26/2009Florida State League [FLSTL]T 1-12/27/2010Florida State League Playoffs [TZ3006]W 4-1
Creeks Clash9/27/2008Florida State League [FLSTL]W 3-010/3/2009Florida State League [FLSTL]W 6-0
Clay County Rangers3/29/2008USYS State Cup (FL)L 1-32/17/200811V11 President's Day ChallengeW 2-0
FSA Freedom 93's Blue3/28/2010USYS State Cup (FL)T 2-24/20/2011USYS State Cup (FL)W 1-0
FSA Freedom 93's Blue10/3/2009Florida State League [FLSTL]W 2-09/26/2009Florida State League [FLSTL]W 1-0
FSA Freedom 93's Blue3/21/2009USYS State Cup (FL)W 2-07/19/2009Super Y Summer LeagueL 1-3
KICKS SC Black9/6/2009Disney Showcase QualifierL 0-45/8/2010USYS State Cup (FL)W 4-1
KICKS SC Black3/21/2009USYS State Cup (FL)L 0-44/18/2009USYS State Cup (FL)L 1-4
Cobb FC 94 Gold12/29/2009Tampa Bay Sun BowlL 0-29/12/2010Region III Premier League FallW 3-2
Oconee FC Assault 949/2/2007Publix Atlanta CupT 1-13/1/2008Red Diamond Classic - BoysW 2-1

Student Athlete
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 USA Rank
Gulf Coast United
Region IIIN/A
Gulf Coast United (FL)

USA Rank 
Florida Rush - Nike
Region IIIN/A
Florida Rush (FL)
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Kevin Welland

Kyle HoytManager
Kevin WellandCoach

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Richie Gray

Richie GrayExec Dir

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