Weston Fury 92/93 PremierFlorida Rush Nike
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 Prior Matches
DateEventHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
8/29/2009Region III Premier League FallWeston Fury 92/93 Premier1Florida Rush Nike6
8/9/2009Region III Premier League FallWeston Fury 92/93 Premier1Florida Rush Nike6
5/16/2009USYS State Cup (FL)Weston Fury 92/93 Premier1Florida Rush Nike2
4/13/2008USYS State Cup (FL)Weston Fury 92/93 Premier2Florida Rush Nike0
11/27/2004Plantation Thanksgiving ClassicWeston Fury 92/93 Premier3Florida Rush Nike2

 Common Opponents
OpponentWeston Fury 92/93 PremierFlorida Rush Nike
West Pines United Black4/27/2008USYS State Cup (FL)W 3-24/18/2009USYS State Cup (FL)W 3-0
West Pines United Black11/18/2005South Florida United League [SFLUL]L 0-18/30/2008Disney Showcase QualifierW 1-0
West Pines United Black4/29/2005Weston Cup & ShowcaseT 2-28/30/2008Disney Showcase QualifierW 1-0
West Pines United Black11/28/2004Plantation Thanksgiving ClassicW 2-15/1/2005Weston Cup & ShowcaseL 1-6
FC America 92/93 Premier4/15/2007USYS State Cup (FL)T 0-03/13/2010Florida CupW 1-0
FC America 92/93 Premier9/4/2005Disney Showcase QualifierT 1-19/26/2008Florida State League [FLSTL]W 3-1
Strictly Soccer Select6/7/2009Nat. Cup IX Phoenix RegionalW 2-15/8/2010USYS State Cup (FL)W 5-0
RSL Florida4/18/2009USYS State Cup (FL)W 3-112/27/2004Disney Soccer Showcase - GirlsL 1-2
Kendall Soccer Coalition White10/23/2010SFUYSL - Broward League [TZ3506]T 1-13/30/2008USYS State Cup (FL)T 1-1
HC United 93 Premier8/10/2007Super Y League - Southeast RegionL 1-39/1/2008Disney Showcase QualifierL 2-3
HC United 93 Premier8/13/2006Super Y Fall LeagueL 1-39/1/2008Disney Showcase QualifierL 2-3
HC United 93 Premier8/5/2006Super Y Fall LeagueT 1-112/30/2007Tampa Bay Sun BowlW 2-0
HC United 93 Premier8/5/2006Super Y Fall LeagueT 1-14/30/2005Weston Cup & ShowcaseT 2-2
Gainesville Rampage6/7/2009Nat. Cup IX Phoenix RegionalW 5-29/13/2008Florida State League [FLSTL]W 1-0
Gainesville Rampage12/30/2008Disney Soccer Showcase - GirlsW 2-13/11/2006Florida Premier Soccer LeagueL 1-2
Gainesville Rampage5/27/2006USYS State Cup (FL)W 2-02/25/2006Florida Premier Soccer LeagueT 2-2
West Florida Premier aka East Lake Arsenal3/21/2009USYS State Cup (FL)W 2-05/9/2010USYS State Cup (FL)W 3-0
Cutler Ridge Red Fury8/25/2010SFUYSL - Broward League [TZ3506]W 3-29/26/2009Florida State League [FLSTL]L 1-2
First Coast Kyx 92/93 Blue3/20/2010Florida State League Playoffs [TZ3006]L 0-19/13/2008Florida State League [FLSTL]L 1-4
First Coast Kyx 92/93 Blue6/6/2009Nat. Cup IX Phoenix RegionalT 0-012/3/2005Florida Premier Soccer LeagueL 0-3
First Coast Kyx 92/93 Blue5/28/2006USYS State Cup (FL)L 1-44/23/2005Florida Premier Soccer LeagueT 2-2
Boca Juniors11/26/2004Plantation Thanksgiving ClassicW 1-04/19/2009USYS State Cup (FL)W 3-2
Cape Coral Cyclone11/27/2004Plantation Thanksgiving ClassicW 7-011/26/2004Plantation Thanksgiving ClassicW 6-1
Fusion FC Blue3/30/2008USYS State Cup (FL)L 0-15/17/2009USYS State Cup (FL)W 4-1
Fusion FC Blue4/14/2007USYS State Cup (FL)T 0-03/21/2009USYS State Cup (FL)T 0-0
BFC 92 Flames4/22/2007USYS State Cup (FL)W 2-14/1/2006Florida State League [FLSTL]W 1-0
BFC 92 Flames4/1/2006Florida State League [FLSTL]W 1-09/4/2005Black Watch Labor Day TournamentL 1-2
Central Brevard United9/3/2005Disney Showcase QualifierW 6-010/19/2008Florida State League [FLSTL]W 1-0
Team Boca8/29/2010South Florida United League [TZ4905]L 2-43/26/2011USYS State Cup (FL)L 0-1
Team Boca4/26/2008USYS State Cup (FL)W 5-03/29/2010USYS State Cup (FL)T 0-0
Sunrise Elite6/8/2009Nat. Cup IX Phoenix RegionalL 1-44/26/2008USYS State Cup (FL)W 3-2
Sunrise Elite9/14/2008Super Y League - Southeast RegionL 0-45/28/2007Disney Memorial Day Soccer ShootoutL 0-2
Florida Soccer Alliance3/29/2008USYS State Cup (FL)W 4-09/26/2008Florida State League [FLSTL]W 8-0
Orlando FC 93 Ballers8/31/2008Disney Showcase QualifierT 1-14/12/2008USYS State Cup (FL)W 3-0
Lee County Strikers 93 Boys3/6/2011SFUYSL - Broward League [TZ3506]W 1-09/6/2010Disney Showcase QualifierW 2-1
Gsa 93 Phoenix Red9/26/2009Region III Premier League FallL 0-712/27/2010Region III Premier League FallL 0-1
Gsa 93 Phoenix Red9/6/2008Region III Premier League FallL 1-26/22/2010USYS Region III ChampionshipsL 0-2
Gsa 93 Phoenix Red11/12/2005CASL Boys Jr ShowcaseT 0-012/27/2009Disney Soccer Showcase - GirlsL 1-2
Cobb FC Chiefs Gold11/14/2004CASL Boys College ShowcaseW 1-012/27/2007Tampa Bay Sun BowlW 5-1
Alpharetta Ambush 93 Red9/27/2009Region III Premier League FallL 0-68/29/2010Region III Premier League FallW 3-2
Alpharetta Ambush 93 Red9/7/2008Region III Premier League FallL 0-49/26/2009Region III Premier League FallL 0-3
Alpharetta Ambush 93 Red11/17/2007CASL Boys Jr ShowcaseL 0-18/9/2009Region III Premier League FallW 3-2
Alpharetta Ambush 93 Red11/24/2006Disney Jr. ShowcaseW 4-16/22/2009USYS Region III ChampionshipsW 2-1
Macon Hearts11/25/2006Disney Jr. ShowcaseW 1-02/15/200911V11 President's Day ChallengeW 2-0
10/10/2009Region III Premier League FallL 0-711/7/2010Region III Premier League FallW 3-1
10/26/2008Region III Premier League FallL 0-110/11/2009Region III Premier League FallL 1-2
CUFC Charlotte United Gold10/11/2009Region III Premier League FallL 1-410/10/2009Region III Premier League FallT 0-0
NCA Alliance8/16/2009Region III Premier League FallT 3-311/21/2010Region III Premier League FallW 1-0
NCA Alliance8/17/2008Region III Premier League FallL 1-28/15/2009Region III Premier League FallL 2-3
NCA Alliance11/24/2006Disney Jr. ShowcaseW 1-08/9/2009Region III Premier League FallL 2-3
NCA Alliance11/13/2005CASL Boys Jr ShowcaseT 0-06/19/2009USYS Region III ChampionshipsW 3-2
FVAA Flash Red8/15/2009Region III Premier League FallL 0-38/16/2009Region III Premier League FallW 3-2
FVAA Flash Red8/16/2008Region III Premier League FallT 2-22/16/200911V11 President's Day ChallengeW 1-0
CESA 92 Premier10/24/2009Region III Premier League FallL 2-310/23/2010Region III Premier League FallW 2-1
CESA 92 Premier10/4/2008Region III Premier League FallT 1-112/28/2009Disney Soccer Showcase - GirlsL 1-2
Coastal United 92 Elite10/25/2009Region III Premier League FallL 3-410/24/2009Region III Premier League FallW 4-0
Arlington Venom3/14/2009Washington Area Girls Soccer LeagueW 4-112/13/2009CASL Boys College ShowcaseT 0-0

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 USA Rank
Weston Fury 92/93 Premier
Region IIIN/A
Weston Futbol Club

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Florida Rush Nike
Region IIIN/A
Florida Rush (FL)
Student Athlete
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