Space Coast United StormFlorida Rush Nike Premier
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 Prior Matches
DateEventHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
10/10/2009Region III Premier League (Fall)Space Coast United Storm6Florida Rush Nike Premier5
5/16/2009Florida State CupSpace Coast United Storm0Florida Rush Nike Premier1
10/18/2008Region III Premier League (Fall)Space Coast United Storm4Florida Rush Nike Premier2
5/17/2008Florida State CupSpace Coast United Storm1Florida Rush Nike Premier2
3/3/2007Florida State LeagueSpace Coast United Storm0Florida Rush Nike Premier5
10/14/2006Florida State LeagueSpace Coast United Storm1Florida Rush Nike Premier0
9/1/2005Florida Premier Soccer LeagueSpace Coast United Storm0Florida Rush Nike Premier8

 Common Opponents
OpponentSpace Coast United StormFlorida Rush Nike Premier
BUSA 92 Elite1/1/2010Disney Soccer Showcase (Girls)W 4-09/3/2005Publix Atlanta CupW 3-0
Plantation Eagles 91 Copa3/22/2009Florida State CupW 6-08/31/2008Disney Showcase QualifierW 4-0
Team Boca 91/92 White5/6/2007Florida State CupW 1-05/17/2009Florida State CupW 2-0
Team Boca 91/92 White3/17/2007Florida State LeagueW 2-19/16/2007Florida State LeagueT 0-0
Team Boca 91/92 White2/24/2007Florida State LeagueW 2-18/26/2006Florida State LeagueL 1-3
Team Boca 91/92 White9/16/2006Florida State LeagueW 2-02/11/2006Florida Premier Soccer LeagueL 1-3
Team Boca 91/92 White1/28/2006Florida Premier Soccer LeagueL 0-11/22/2006Florida Premier Soccer LeagueL 2-3
Weston Fury 91/92 Premier2/24/2007Florida State LeagueL 0-29/6/2009Disney Showcase QualifierW 5-3
Weston Fury 91/92 Premier9/16/2006Florida State LeagueW 3-13/21/2009Florida State CupW 2-0
Weston Fury 91/92 Premier7/27/2006W 1-09/1/2008Disney Showcase QualifierW 2-0
Clearwater Chargers Red1/2/2008Disney Soccer Showcase (Girls)W 3-04/27/2008Florida State CupW 1-0
Delray Beach Soccer Redhots4/18/2009Florida State CupW 6-03/29/2008Florida State CupW 2-0
Delray Beach Soccer Redhots4/22/2006W 2-09/3/2007Disney Showcase QualifierW 1-0
Countryside Lightning Premier5/5/2007Florida State CupW 3-02/19/2007Score At The ShoreL 0-1
Countryside Lightning Premier3/3/2007Florida State LeagueW 1-02/19/2007Florida State LeagueL 0-1
Countryside Lightning Premier10/14/2006Florida State LeagueT 1-19/4/2006Disney Showcase QualifierL 0-1
Countryside Lightning Premier2/12/2006Florida Premier Soccer LeagueW 2-19/1/2006Florida State LeagueL 0-1
Countryside Lightning Premier11/19/2005Florida Premier Soccer LeagueT 0-08/12/2006Florida State LeagueW 3-0
Indialantic YC Force4/1/2005Florida State LeagueT 1-12/13/2005Florida Premier Soccer LeagueW 1-0
First Coast KYX 91/92 Blue8/29/2009Region III Premier League (Fall)W 3-09/7/2009Disney Showcase QualifierW 2-0
First Coast KYX 91/92 Blue10/5/2008Region III Premier League (Fall)T 1-18/30/2009Region III Premier League (Fall)L 1-4
First Coast KYX 91/92 Blue4/27/2008Florida State CupW 3-210/19/2008Region III Premier League (Fall)L 1-8
First Coast KYX 91/92 Blue3/29/2008Florida State CupL 0-12/24/2007Florida State LeagueL 0-1
First Coast KYX 91/92 Blue9/23/2007Region III Premier League (Fall)L 2-310/15/2006Region III Premier League (Fall)L 0-2
First Coast KYX 91/92 Blue3/18/2007Florida State LeagueL 3-49/16/2006Florida State LeagueL 0-1
First Coast KYX 91/92 Blue2/25/2007Florida State LeagueL 0-16/11/2006Florida State CupL 0-1
First Coast KYX 91/92 Blue8/26/2006Florida State LeagueL 1-25/6/2006Region III Premier League (Spring)L 2-3
First Coast KYX 91/92 Blue5/29/2006Florida State CupL 0-25/6/2006Florida Premier Soccer LeagueL 2-3
First Coast KYX 91/92 Blue12/10/2005Florida Premier Soccer LeagueL 1-411/19/2005Florida Premier Soccer LeagueW 3-2
First Coast KYX 91/92 Blue9/24/2005Florida Premier Soccer LeagueL 0-19/4/2005Publix Atlanta CupW 2-0
First Coast KYX 91/92 Blue4/16/2005Florida State LeagueL 0-45/14/2005Florida State CupL 0-1
First Coast KYX 91/92 Blue10/10/2004Brevard Fall ChallengeL 0-21/15/2005Florida Premier Soccer LeagueL 0-2
RSL Florida Elite2/12/2006Florida Premier Soccer LeagueW 1-05/22/2010Florida State CupL 0-1
RSL Florida Elite11/19/2005Florida Premier Soccer LeagueL 0-19/6/2009Disney Showcase QualifierW 1-0
Miami Premier2/18/2006Gator Soccer ShowcaseW 4-24/1/2006Florida State LeagueW 6-0
Strictly Soccer2/19/2006Gator Soccer ShowcaseW 3-24/14/2007Florida State CupW 2-0
CFU Samba2/19/2005Gator Soccer ShowcaseL 0-112/18/2004Florida Premier Soccer LeagueW 1-0
Cape Coral Cyclones 924/15/2007Florida State CupW 1-09/2/2006Disney Showcase QualifierW 1-0
Indian Harbour Beach Three Lions4/26/2008Florida State CupW 2-09/30/2007Florida State LeagueW 4-1
Indian Harbour Beach Three Lions3/17/2007Florida State LeagueW 2-19/2/2007Disney Showcase QualifierW 3-0
Indian Harbour Beach Three Lions9/30/2006Florida State LeagueT 0-03/3/2006Florida State LeagueW 6-0
Indian Harbour Beach Three Lions8/12/2006Florida State LeagueT 0-01/7/2006Florida Premier Soccer LeagueW 4-0
Indian Harbour Beach Three Lions3/15/2006Florida Premier Soccer LeagueL 1-29/17/2005Florida Premier Soccer LeagueT 0-0
Indian Harbour Beach Three Lions10/22/2005Florida Premier Soccer LeagueL 0-62/12/2005Florida Premier Soccer LeagueW 1-0
Indian Harbour Beach Three Lions2/20/2005Treasure Coast Presidents Day ChallengeL 0-110/30/2004Florida Premier Soccer LeagueW 4-0
JYSC Fury Green2/25/2007Florida State LeagueW 2-13/30/2008Florida State CupW 3-0
JYSC Fury Green8/26/2006Florida State LeagueW 2-09/16/2006Florida State LeagueW 2-1
JYSC Fury Green9/24/2005Florida Premier Soccer LeagueL 0-11/15/2005Florida Premier Soccer LeagueW 4-0
JYSC Fury Green4/1/2005Florida State LeagueT 1-110/2/2004Florida Premier Soccer LeagueW 1-0
Hc United Red3/21/2009Florida State CupT 0-03/29/2008Florida State CupW 2-0
Atlanta Fire United 92 Elite1/2/2010Disney Soccer Showcase (Girls)T 1-19/28/2008Region III Premier League (Fall)L 0-6
Atlanta Fire United 92 Elite9/13/2008Region III Premier League (Fall)W 6-08/20/2006Region III Premier League (Fall)T 2-2
Atlanta Fire United 92 Elite8/18/2007Region III Premier League (Fall)T 2-23/11/2006Region III Premier League (Spring)L 1-2
AFC Lightning '92 White10/4/2009Region III Premier League (Fall)L 1-310/3/2009Region III Premier League (Fall)L 0-4
AFC Lightning '92 White9/28/2008Region III Premier League (Fall)L 2-38/16/2008Region III Premier League (Fall)L 2-3
AFC Lightning '92 White10/20/2007Region III Premier League (Fall)L 0-29/24/2006Region III Premier League (Fall)L 0-3
GSA 92 Phoenix Red10/3/2009Region III Premier League (Fall)T 2-210/4/2009Region III Premier League (Fall)L 3-6
GSA 92 Phoenix Red9/14/2008Region III Premier League (Fall)W 2-19/27/2008Region III Premier League (Fall)L 2-6
GSA 92 Phoenix Red10/21/2007Region III Premier League (Fall)L 1-38/19/2006Region III Premier League (Fall)W 2-1
NASA 10 Elite8/30/2009Region III Premier League (Fall)W 4-08/29/2009Region III Premier League (Fall)W 1-0
NASA 10 Elite9/27/2008Region III Premier League (Fall)W 3-18/17/2008Region III Premier League (Fall)W 1-0
Stars of Massachusetts1/1/2009Disney Soccer Showcase (Girls)W 1-011/5/2005CASL Girls Jr ShowcaseT 0-0
91 Winston-Salem Lady Twins White,10/19/2008Region III Premier League (Fall)W 4-09/14/2008Region III Premier League (Fall)W 3-0
TFC Navy G8/22/2009Region III Premier League (Fall)L 0-38/23/2009Region III Premier League (Fall)L 1-7
TFC Navy G10/20/2007Region III Premier League (Fall)W 5-012/2/2006CASL Girl's College ShowcaseL 0-1
CSA Charlotte SA Predator G9/20/2009Region III Premier League (Fall)W 4-09/19/2009Region III Premier League (Fall)L 2-5
CSA Charlotte SA Predator G8/16/2008Region III Premier League (Fall)T 2-210/5/2008Region III Premier League (Fall)L 1-3
CSA Charlotte SA Predator G10/14/2007Region III Premier League (Fall)T 1-19/1/2006Region III Premier League (Fall)W 3-2
CASL Spartan Elite G8/23/2009Region III Premier League (Fall)W 3-28/22/2009Region III Premier League (Fall)L 1-4
CASL Spartan Elite G8/17/2008Region III Premier League (Fall)L 1-26/19/2009USYS Region lll TournamentT 1-1
CASL Spartan Elite G10/13/2007Region III Premier League (Fall)L 1-210/4/2008Region III Premier League (Fall)L 2-4
Columbia United FC 91 Elite9/19/2009Region III Premier League (Fall)W 3-09/20/2009Region III Premier League (Fall)W 3-1
Columbia United FC 91 Elite11/1/2008Region III Premier League (Fall)W 8-29/13/2008Region III Premier League (Fall)W 5-2
Columbia United FC 91 Elite9/9/2007T 0-08/30/2008Disney Showcase QualifierW 3-1
Columbia United FC 91 Elite9/9/2007Region III Premier League (Fall)T 0-010/1/2006Region III Premier League (Fall)W 4-1
CESA 91 Premier10/18/2009Region III Premier League (Fall)W 3-010/17/2009Region III Premier League (Fall)W 3-0
CESA 91 Premier11/2/2008Region III Premier League (Fall)W 5-09/14/2008Region III Premier League (Fall)W 5-1
CESA 91 Premier9/8/2007Region III Premier League (Fall)W 2-01/1/2007Disney Soccer Showcase (Girls)W 3-0
CESA 91 Premier9/8/2007W 2-09/30/2006Region III Premier League (Fall)L 1-3
Carolina FC 91 Girls10/17/2009Region III Premier League (Fall)L 0-110/18/2009Region III Premier League (Fall)W 6-1
VISTA Shockwave12/31/2009Disney Soccer Showcase (Girls)L 1-212/31/2008Disney Soccer Showcase (Girls)L 1-3
Loudoun 91 Red1/3/2009Disney Soccer Showcase (Girls)L 0-210/12/2008Wags TournamentW 2-1

Student Athlete
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 USA Rank
Space Coast United Storm
Region IIIN/A
Space Coast United SC

USA Rank 
Florida Rush Nike Premier
Region IIIN/A
Florida Rush (FL)
Student Athlete
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Fitzgerald Haig
Florida Rush Nike Girls Director

David A. JonesAssistant
John FerontiAssistant
Fitzgerald HaigCoach

Cory Sheffield

Rick AffolterAssistant
Fabio MeloAssistant
Cory SheffieldCoach

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