Wellington Wave ISAA - Real Madrid
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 Prior Matches
DateEventHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
4/18/2009FYSA Florida State CupWellington Wave I2SAA - Real Madrid3
10/5/2008South Florida United League [SFLUL]Wellington Wave I2SAA - Real Madrid2
4/13/2008FYSA Florida State CupWellington Wave I1SAA - Real Madrid4
3/15/2008South Florida United League [SFLUL]Wellington Wave I1SAA - Real Madrid2
10/7/2007South Florida United League [SFLUL]Wellington Wave I4SAA - Real Madrid1

 Common Opponents
OpponentWellington Wave ISAA - Real Madrid
CSS Storm3/9/2008South Florida United League [SFLUL]W 4-19/28/2008South Florida United League [SFLUL]W 2-0
CSS Storm11/3/2007South Florida United League [SFLUL]L 0-111/25/2007Plantation Thanksgiving ClassicW 2-0
CSS Storm3/11/2007South Florida United League [SFLUL]W 1-09/16/2007South Florida United League [SFLUL]W 3-0
Strictly Soccer FC Select 90/913/21/2009FYSA Florida State CupT 1-14/12/2008FYSA Florida State CupL 0-1
Team Boca 90/912/24/2008South Florida United League [SFLUL]W 4-111/25/2007Plantation Thanksgiving ClassicL 0-3
Team Boca 90/919/15/2007South Florida United League [SFLUL]T 0-011/24/2007Plantation Thanksgiving ClassicW 3-1
Central Florida United Lightning 909/3/2006Disney Showcase QualifierW 1-03/30/2008FYSA Florida State CupW 2-1
Temple Terrace Spirit 90/919/1/2007Black Watch Labor Day TournamentW 3-23/21/2009FYSA Florida State CupW 2-1
Clay County Rangers3/21/2009FYSA Florida State CupW 2-15/16/2009FYSA Florida State CupW 3-2
Lauderhill Lions9/17/2006South Florida United League [SFLUL]W 5-21/23/2010South Florida United League [SFLUL]W 4-0
Plantation Eagles 902/16/200911V11 President's Day ChallengeW 2-09/21/2008South Florida United League [SFLUL]W 3-1
Plantation Eagles 9011/2/2008South Florida United League [SFLUL]L 2-63/2/2008South Florida United League [SFLUL]W 1-0
Plantation Eagles 9011/24/2007Plantation Thanksgiving ClassicW 3-09/3/2007Puma Harvest CupW 2-1
Lakeland Highlands F.C.8/30/2008Puma Harvest CupW 2-09/2/2007Puma Harvest CupW 3-0
Boca Juniors10/14/2007South Florida United League [SFLUL]W 6-211/3/2007South Florida United League [SFLUL]W 6-1
Naples Sharks10/28/2007South Florida United League [SFLUL]T 1-19/23/2007South Florida United League [SFLUL]W 3-1
Dunedin Stirling2/18/2008Score At The ShoreW 1-02/13/2010Score At The ShoreW 1-0
Dunedin Stirling12/29/2007Tampa Bay Sun BowlL 0-33/29/2008FYSA Florida State CupL 1-2
Weston Fury Premier10/21/2007South Florida United League [SFLUL]T 2-23/1/2008South Florida United League [SFLUL]W 1-0
Weston Fury Premier3/10/2007South Florida United League [SFLUL]T 2-210/6/2007South Florida United League [SFLUL]W 4-1
Jacksonville Jaguars9/4/2007Black Watch Labor Day TournamentL 3-42/18/200811V11 President's Day ChallengeW 2-1
Palm Beach United10/19/2008South Florida United League [SFLUL]L 2-34/19/2009FYSA Florida State CupW 4-1
Palm Beach United2/3/2008GCFYSL Fall 2015L 0-19/20/2008South Florida United League [SFLUL]L 0-3
Cagliari Miami Strike Force9/14/2008South Florida United League [SFLUL]W 4-110/19/2008South Florida United League [SFLUL]T 2-2
Cagliari Miami Strike Force3/2/2008South Florida United League [SFLUL]L 0-25/25/2008Nat. Cup IX Phoenix RegionalL 0-2
South Kendall Soccer10/11/2008South Florida United League [SFLUL]L 0-12/22/2009South Florida United League [SFLUL]T 1-1
South Kendall Soccer9/16/2007South Florida United League [SFLUL]W 4-110/12/2008South Florida United League [SFLUL]T 2-2
Coerver Elite 919/1/2008Puma Harvest CupL 0-12/15/2010Score At The ShoreW 1-0
Florida Rush Nike5/25/2008Disney Memorial Day Soccer ShootoutT 0-03/22/2009FYSA Florida State CupT 1-1
Florida Rush Nike4/12/2008FYSA Florida State CupT 1-14/12/2008FYSA Florida State CupW 2-0
Inter-United Elite2/17/2008Score At The ShoreW 3-25/24/2008Nat. Cup IX Phoenix RegionalT 3-3
Inter-United Elite2/17/2008Score At The ShoreW 3-211/23/2007Plantation Thanksgiving ClassicW 5-1

Student Athlete
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 USA Rank
Wellington Wave I
Region IIIN/A
Wellington Soccer Club

USA Rank 
SAA - Real Madrid
Region IIIN/A
Soccer Academy of the Americas
Student Athlete
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Jose M Oliveira

Joann DilalloManager
Jose M OliveiraCoach
Christian SchuhAssistant

Ismael Roque-velasco

Dr. Ismael Roque-VelascoAdmin
Ismael Roque-velascoCoach
Marcelo BernardoCoach
Libardo PerdigonCoach

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