Florida Rush NikeStrictly Soccer FC Select 90/91
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 Prior Matches
DateEventHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
4/19/2009USYS Florida State CupFlorida Rush Nike1Strictly Soccer FC Select 90/912
4/13/2008USYS Florida State CupFlorida Rush Nike0Strictly Soccer FC Select 90/910
4/14/2007USYS Florida State CupFlorida Rush Nike0Strictly Soccer FC Select 90/913

 Common Opponents
OpponentFlorida Rush NikeStrictly Soccer FC Select 90/91
Central Brevard United7/28/2008Score Showcase Summer InvitationalL 0-38/30/2008Disney Showcase QualifierW 3-1
Central Brevard United4/12/2008Greater Central Florida Youth LeagueL 0-39/2/2007Disney Showcase QualifierL 1-3
Central Brevard United6/2/2006Nat. Cup IX Phoenix RegionalW 1-05/5/2007USYS Florida State CupL 1-5
Black Watch Celtic12/30/2008Tampa Bay Sun BowlL 0-19/21/2008Club Directors LeagueW 3-2
Tallahassee United FC10/7/2007Adidas Columbus Day ClassicT 2-210/12/2008Adidas Columbus Day ClassicL 0-2
Tallahassee United FC10/8/2006Cocoa Expo Columbus CupL 0-310/6/2007Adidas Columbus Day ClassicW 3-1
Central Florida United Lightning 905/24/2008Disney Memorial Day Soccer ShootoutW 1-08/16/2008Club Directors LeagueL 0-1
Oldsmar Outlaws12/29/2008Tampa Bay Sun BowlW 1-09/1/2007Disney Showcase QualifierT 3-3
Plantation Eagles 907/19/2008Super Y League - Southeast RegionL 0-111/23/2007Plantation Thanksgiving ClassicW 4-2
First Coast Kyx 90/91 Blue9/28/2008Florida State LeagueT 0-05/24/2008Nat. Cup IX Phoenix RegionalW 3-1
Brandon Area Youth Soccer League12/28/2008Tampa Bay Sun BowlW 4-04/14/2007USYS Florida State CupW 4-0
Wellington Wave I5/25/2008Disney Memorial Day Soccer ShootoutT 0-03/21/2009USYS Florida State CupT 1-1
Wellington Wave I4/12/2008USYS Florida State CupT 1-14/12/2008USYS Florida State CupW 2-1
Wellington Wave I4/14/2007USYS Florida State CupL 0-311/23/2007Plantation Thanksgiving ClassicW 4-1
Weston Fury Premier3/29/2008USYS Florida State CupT 0-04/26/2008USYS Florida State CupL 0-1
Emerald Coast United (ECU)10/6/2007Adidas Columbus Day ClassicL 1-210/7/2007Adidas Columbus Day ClassicL 1-2
SAA - Real Madrid3/22/2009USYS Florida State CupT 1-14/12/2008USYS Florida State CupW 1-0
Jacksonville Jaguars9/1/2008Florida State LeagueW 4-010/7/2007Adidas Columbus Day ClassicL 1-2
Jacksonville Jaguars10/7/2007Adidas Columbus Day ClassicL 0-45/25/2007Nat. Cup IX Phoenix RegionalW 3-1
Cagliari Miami Strike Force6/29/2008Super Y League - Southeast RegionL 0-15/26/2008Nat. Cup IX Phoenix RegionalL 0-2
Coerver Elite 912/14/2009Score At The ShoreL 0-13/8/2009US Club Florida State CupW 3-1

Student Athlete

 USA Rank
Florida Rush Nike
Region IIIN/A
Florida Rush

USA Rank 
Strictly Soccer FC Select 90/91
Region IIIN/A
Strictly Soccer FC (SFC)
Student Athlete


Curt Hernandez

Laura LefflerContact
Curt HernandezCoach
Bill PenceAssistant
Michelle R. StokesManager

Hernan Nova1

Hernan Nova1Manager
Lynda BurtAdmin
Sue Ellen LoweParent

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