VYS Fire Red

Rising U14's - Born in 2004 Girls  
Vienna Youth Soccer
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 Other Results  
09/13/2015Cya '04g Purple 0 - 4 L
11/01/2014Lmvsc Patriots Red T
10/26/2014Ces 1 T
10/18/2014SYA Cardinals 04 White T
10/04/2014SMS Soccer Power T
09/27/2014SEVP Diamond 1 T
09/13/2014Vsa Npl Elite 03g T
06/08/2014HYS Sting 04G T
06/01/2014LMVSC Patriots 04 White T
05/18/2014Alex Red T
05/11/2014Vsa Npl Elite 03g T
05/04/2014SYC Arsenal White T
04/27/2014MSC Academy 04 Green T
04/13/2014ODFC Quest Elite 22 T
04/06/2014Mclean Legacy Green T
11/10/2013ASC 04G Legends Gold T
11/03/2013Mcln 04legacy White T
10/27/2013Odfc Quest Premier '22 T
10/20/2013Lmvsc Patriots Red T
10/06/2013SYC Arsenal Red T
09/29/2013VSA Heat 04G Gold T
09/22/2013Alex White T
09/15/2013MSC Academy 04 White T
09/08/2013CHAN Premier Cardinals 04G T
06/09/2013ODFC Quest Elite 22 T
06/02/2013Grfl Blue T
05/25/2013SMS Soccer Power 2 - 0 L
05/19/2013Alex Red T
05/12/2013FPYC Freedom T
05/05/2013Mclean Legacy Green T
04/28/2013SYC Arsenal Red T
04/14/2013CES Calvert Blast White T
04/14/2013CES Calvert Blast Gold 1 - 1 T
04/14/2013CES Calvert Blast White 3 - 2 L
04/07/2013Vsa Npl Elite 03g T
11/11/2012ODFC Quest Elite 22 T
11/04/2012Alex Red T
10/28/2012Grfl Blue T
10/21/2012SYC Arsenal Red T
10/14/2012Mclean Legacy Green T
09/30/2012FPYC Freedom T
09/23/2012Vsa Npl Elite 03g T
09/16/2012CES Calvert Blast White T
06/17/2012PWSI-2 6 - 1 W
06/17/2012NVSC Blue 2 - 0 W
06/16/2012FPYC Gold 1 - 1 T
06/16/2012SYA Cardinals 04 White 0 - 5 W

Ken MartinManager
Gerardo RamerizCoach
Kenneth MartinManager
Linda McDonaldAsst Coach
Julie GerockTSO
Andrew PayzeManager
Gerardo RamirezCoach
Dave ShiellsCoach
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No.NamePositionCBA Plus

2017VA013FVYS Fire RedVAF04264Y0YYY

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