Fusión 95

Adult Men  
Fusion FC (AL)
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10/13/2012EAFC Storm 95 Select
06/09/2012Inter Atlanta FC 96 95B Elite 1 - 1 T
05/20/2012Chiefs Blue 96 1 - 0 W
05/20/2012Chiefs Blue 96 0 - 3 W
05/19/2012SSA Chelsea Central 95B Blue 1 - 1 T
05/19/2012RYSA Revolution '95 Blue 2 - 1 W
11/13/2011Ambassadors Gold 95 2 - 0 W
11/12/2011Huntsville FC Boys 95 Maroon 3 - 0 W

Eloy CoronaCoach
José OrnelasAssistant
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No.NamePositionCBA Plus
18Iván ChavezDf
9Lopez CristianMd
10Cruz Delfino 
13Zachary Hayes 
2Austin JohnsonForward
8Segura JorgeMd
00Gardea JoseDf
11Ornelas JoseDf
29Gallegos JuanMd
77Becerra LuisMd
22Segura LuisForward
1Bryan ManuelGoalie
24Solis ManuelMd
15Morales MartinDf
19Chavez MiguelDf
5Jose Mondregon 
7Foster RileyMidfield
16Huynh ThuongForward
17Mason TompkinsMidfield
36Solis VictorForward

0AL135FFusión 95ALM95083Y0YYY

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