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Atlanta Fire United
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11/17/2012NASA G16 Elite 0 - 0 T
11/11/2012Concorde Fire 98G Central Elite 1 - 1 T
11/04/2012SSA Savannah United 97 Premier 0 - 1 L
10/21/2012UFA Norcross 98G Premier 0 - 0 T
10/20/2012Augusta Arsenal Gunners 2 - 0 W
10/14/2012SSA Chelsea 98G Elite 1 - 3 L
10/07/2012LSA Sharks 98G Gold 1 - 3 L
09/30/2012Tophat 16 Navy 1 - 0 L

Jonathan HooperAdmin
Susan MarshAdmin
Valentine OdongoAdmin
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No.NamePositionCBA Plus
10Alisa Bevers 
49Maggie Carr 
16Emory Collins 
26Morgan Huffine 
1Lauren Johnson 
9Shannon MarshMidfield
57Katie Mason 
52Hope Mumme 
3Sabrina Seibel 
32Taylor Spence 
3Vanessa Turner 
4Kayla Wilhelm 
17Peyton Woods 

0GA002FAFU GoldGAF98284Y0YYY

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