SSA Chelsea North 99G Blue

U19/20 after 7/31/98 Girls  
Southern Soccer Academy
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04/27/2013SSA Savannah United U19/20 Prem.. 2 - 1 L
04/21/2013Ambush G99 Red 0 - 3 L
03/02/2013Concorde Fire North Black 1 - 1 T
02/17/2013Tophat 17 White 1 - 2 L
02/16/2013CSA Charlotte SA Copa G 0 - 4 L
02/16/2013xxxUFA Forsyth 98G Gold 0 - 0 T
02/10/2013Amazon Elite G99 2 - 0 L
02/09/2013SSA Chelsea 98G Select Blue 1 1 - 1 T

Kendall WilliamsManager
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No.NamePositionCBA Plus
31Jennifer Childers 
41Jessica Childers 
4Jasmine Cruz 
5Cameron DavenportRight Defender
8Caroline GratwickDefender
10Carmella NealCenter Mid
13Libby Poland 
18Mallory Smith 
26Denise Thomas 

0GA153FSSA Chelsea North 99G BlueGAF99331Y0YYY

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