Macon United 00 3v3

U18 born in 2000 Boys  
Macon Soccer Club

Small-sided team

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06/30/2012Storm 7 - 0 W
06/30/2012Spider Monkeys 12 - 0 L
06/30/2012Orange Lions 1 - 10 L
06/30/2012Juve Young Boys 6 - 1 L
06/17/2012United 3 - 3 T
06/17/2012The Attack 11 - 3 L
06/16/2012GISA 00 Challengers 4 - 9 L
06/16/2012Beaufort Crew 99 7 - 3 L

Laura CheyneyAdmin
Tripp ShimpContact
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No.NamePositionCBA Plus
9Ragan Cheyney 
00Setara Long 
11Matthew Manion 
36Louis Resendez 
1Alexander Reveria 
15Alex Shimp 

0GA016FMacon United 00 3v3GAM00362Y0YYY

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