RSC 201 Team 3

U17 born in 2001 Boys  
Roswell SC Santos
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05/20/2012Georgia Express FC 01-B15 2 - 3 L
05/19/2012Inter Atlanta FC 01B Blues Excel 6 - 1 L
05/19/2012Juventus 1 - 4 L
05/05/2012CFC East Chiefs 00 2 - 1 L
04/21/2012LSA West 01 Gold 8 - 3 L
03/11/2012Cheetahs 0 - 8 W
11/20/2011ERFC 02 Badger 4 - 2 L
08/21/2011LSA Sharks 01B Navy 7 - 0 L

Bert LeonardCoach
Scarlett MeltonContact
Dave ThuresonAssistant
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No.NamePositionCBA Plus
55Luca Cella 
14Erick Garcia 
00Jake Konicki 
13Austin Kral 
30Austin Vignale 

0GA498FRSC 201 Team 3GAM01334Y0YYY

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