Cobb YMCA Striker Blue

Adult Men  
Metro Atlanta YMCA Soccer
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04/30/2011NASA B'16 Select 1 - 2 W
11/13/2010CFC Red Star Elite 5 - 0 L
10/22/2010DSC 98B Revolution Premier 6 - 1 L
09/14/2008Ambush 98 Gray 3 - 0 L
05/04/2008SSA Chelsea 98B Premier White 5 - 1 L
05/03/2008CFC East 98 Silver 7 - 1 L
05/03/2008TSC 98 Elite 3 - 1 L
11/11/2007Cherokee Impact 98 Red 6 - 1 L

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No.NamePositionCBA Plus
5Bryan Allison 
25Bradley Allnutt 
21Holden Lytle 
35Jake Sawick 
17Jarrod Williams 
13Chris WinkCenter Mid

0GA313FCobb YMCA Striker BlueGAM98035Y0YYY

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