GUFC Courage Red G

U18 born in 2000 Girls  
Greensboro United Soccer Assn
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05/15/201199 NCFC ROCKETS G 1 - 4 W
05/08/2011TFC Freedom G 4 - 1 W
05/07/201100 NCFC ELITE G 5 - 0 L
05/01/2011Breakers 1 - 4 W
04/30/2011CASL ROCKETS G 3 - 1 L
04/30/2011Triad Elite 99G 2 - 2 T
04/09/2011PSA Lady Stars G 2 - 2 T
04/03/2011JYL Jsc Lady Jammers Gold G 0 - 0 T

Lori BelkManager
Heinicke BrynCoach
Byrn HeinickeCoach
Glass ThomasCoach
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No.NamePositionCBA Plus

0NC011FGUFC Courage Red GNCF00274Y0YYY

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