LNSC United Extreme

U16 born in 2002 Boys  
Lake Norman Soccer Club (LNSC)
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05/18/2014TCYSA Twins Silver 1 - 0 L
05/17/2014CSA Copa Select 4 - 0 W
05/17/2014CFSC Breakers Blue 3 - 2 W
05/10/2014KSA Comets White 5 - 0 W
05/02/2014LNSC Force United 1 - 4 W
04/06/2014IFC Raptors 2 - 1 W
04/04/2014KSA Comets Grey 0 - 0 T
03/22/201401 NCUSA Purple 2 - 4 W

Ed BiceAdmin
Edwin Bice IiiCoach
John BorzoniAdmin
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No.NamePositionCBA Plus
23Bodie Bice 
1Trevor Borzoni 
15Benjamin Gress 
4Peyton Hayes 
13Tyler Hughes 
8Jimmy D Hurtado 
11Yanush Hurtado 
10Joshua Indries 
64Caden Mather 
63Graham Mather 
18Matt McConnell 
2Alejandro Miranda 
9Andrew Quintero 
16Bronson Valley 

0NC045FLNSC United ExtremeNCM02179Y0YYY

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