TESC Challenge Red

Under 17 Boys  
Triad Elite Soccer Club
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 Other Results  
04/26/2015TESC Challenge Red T
04/25/2015ITAA Spartans T
04/25/2015SCAA Carolina Rush T
04/19/2015NTSC Strikeforce Red T
04/11/2015GRYSA Bulldogs T
04/04/2015URYSA U18 T
03/29/2015NTSC Strikeforce Red 2 - 2 T
03/14/2015TCYSA W-S Twins Royal 5 - 2 L
03/13/2015TESC Challenge Red 4 - 4 T
03/07/2015LYSA Force II 1 - 3 W
02/08/2015CUFC Charlotte United Black T
02/08/2015CUFC Charlotte United Black 2 - 4 L
02/08/2015TCYSA W-S Twins Royal T
02/07/2015TUSA Green T
05/04/2014TCYSA W-S Twins Navy 1 - 5 W
05/04/2014YSA Red 1 - 0 W
05/03/2014ICRD Eagles 0 - 3 L
04/27/2014HCSA Avalanche 2 - 0 L
04/26/2014ICRD Eagles 0 - 6 L
04/26/2014EAGLES 3 - 0 L
03/16/2013NTSC Strikeforce Red 1 - 2 L
01/01/1900URYSA U18 T

Brad BaganCoach
Stef HamiltonOfficer

No.NamePositionCBA Plus
15Michael Absher 
10Daniel Barrera 
5Pavel Buenaventura 
92Cesar Campos 
16George Campos 
7Francisco Cruz 
19Logan Fraley 
9Michael Hernandez 
18Davis Millard 
21Miguel Moctezuma 
13Guadalupe Munoz 
4Jose Ramirez 
6Christian Sosa 
15Antonio Valentin-Martinez 
3Elver Velediez 

0NC157FTESC Challenge RedNCM98025Y0YYY