Charlotte SC Blue

Adult Men  
Charlotte Soccer Academy
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06/19/2010ACS Orange 3 - 1 L
04/26/2009GYSA Green
04/26/2009TCYSA W-s Twins White
04/25/2009LNSC Strikers Highlanders
04/05/2009HCSA Avalanche 1 - 2 W
04/04/2009HSA Rangers 3 - 3 T
03/28/2009RCSA Rutherford Rumble 1 - 0 W
03/08/2009HFC Black 1 - 7 W

Richard FrancisAdmin
Eric StilleyAsst Coach
Daniel CimagliaAsst Coach
Chris MichockiManager
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No.NamePositionCBA Plus

0NC004FCharlotte SC BlueNCM98222Y0YYY

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