Polaris 97G

Adult Women  
Polaris Soccer Club
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08/31/2008Dallas Texans 97G Red South 0 - 2 L
08/31/2008Dallas Texans Austin 97G R 2 - 2 T
08/30/2008HFW National 97G 1 - 2 W
08/30/2008SA United Dragons 97G 3 - 0 W
07/19/2008Texas Longhorns 97G Orange 0 - 1 W
07/19/2008Fort Worth FC '97 WHITE 4 - 1 L
07/18/2008Sting West 97G Bones 2 - 0 L
07/28/2007Sting 97 12 - 0 L

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No.NamePositionCBA Plus

0TX152FPolaris 97GTXF97066Y0YYY

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