Alexandria Fire Red

U17 born in 2001 Girls 11F-461  
Alexandria Soccer Association (VA)
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05/29/2017Cfc Sound 2000 3 - 4 L
05/28/2017FC Frederick '00 Royal 0 - 0 T
05/27/2017Sjeb Rush 00 Girls Premier 3 - 2 L
05/14/2017Philadelphia SC Coppa Falcons 1 - 6 L
05/13/2017Northern Steel Select Soccer In.. 7 - 1 L
05/12/2017Arsenal FC OF PA Gold Fury 0 - 6 L
11/13/2016Bethesda SC Pride 99/00 2 - 0 L
11/12/2016Stony Brook SC Elite 00 2 - 0 L

Lyle AdamsAssista
Kyle BakasCoach
Cynthia DurakisTeam Ma
Andrew MartinAssista
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No.NamePositionCBA Plus
25Caroline Bates 
8Marin Cahill 
38Micaela DeSimone 
9Mikaela Discenza 
18Casey Hoffman 
1Sophie Johnson 
16Sophia Jordan 
3Morrisey Kernan 
14Eleanor Nuechterlein 
17Lilian Price 
15Emma Repke 
22Hannah Stone 
4Virginia Wainstein 
13Lilly Wilcox 

0VA102FAlexandria Fire RedVAF01110Y0YYY

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