LGT- Neal

Rising U14's - Born in 2004 Boys  
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06/16/2012TT - U-8 Boys McK Anzaldi T
06/09/2012TT A - U-8 B Michael LesStrang W
05/12/2012Rev - U8B Wilson W
05/05/2012CIV - Grizzleys W
04/28/2012PK -U8B - Murray/Simmons W
04/21/2012Lightning-Wild Ones W
04/15/2012TT A - U-8 B Michael LesStrang W
04/14/2012TT - U-8 Boys McK Anzaldi W
11/12/2011AO Griffins L
11/05/2011FC - Rodriguez W
10/29/2011NWAL-Laidhold T
10/22/2011Rev - U8B Wilson W
10/15/2011PK U8B - Krauss W
09/25/2011CIV - Grizzleys T
09/18/2011FC - Rodriguez W
09/17/2011Aces U08B O'Reilly W

Alison NealCoach
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No.NamePositionCBA Plus

0VA000FLGT- NealVAM04005Y0YYY

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