MK SH Blast*

Under 09 Coed  
Under 09 Coed Aqua
These screens relate to the Milwaukee Kickers Youth Fall Leagues. Click their logo on the left to switch.

Under 09 Coed AquaWLTP
MK GSC Cyclones10010
GT Heat0000
MK ME Dream Eagles0100
MK New Berlin Torpedoes80075
MK New Berlin Bombers52153
MK New Berlin Hawks43146
MK New Berlin Hurricanes34140
MK SH Blast*22230
MK SW Blue Dolphins23024
MK ME Dolphins06015
MK TO Explosion0417

Milwaukee Kickers Youth Fall Leagues (655)
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  Game Schedule   
10/29/2011MK New Berlin Bombers 1 - 1 T
10/23/2011MK New Berlin Torpedoes 2 - 4 L
10/22/2011MK New Berlin Hawks 3 - 3 T
10/15/2011MK TO Explosion T
10/01/2011MK SW Blue Dolphins T
09/25/2011MK New Berlin Hurricanes 3 - 10 W
09/24/2011MK ME Dolphins 4 - 8 W
09/18/2011MK New Berlin Torpedoes 8 - 0 L

 Other Results  
06/09/2012Blue Dolphins T
06/03/2012GSC Red T
06/02/2012New Berlin Hurricanes 4 - 5 W
05/20/2012New Berlin Wave 1 - 1 T
05/19/2012New Berlin Torpedoes 4 - 9 L
05/05/2012TO Shockers 6 - 7 W
04/28/2012TO Blazers 5 - 4 L
04/21/2012New Berlin Bombers 5 - 2 W
04/01/2012GT Heat 5 - 2 L


No.NamePositionCBA Plus

KIKIA42011WI000FMK SH Blast*WIX03079YKIKIA4KIKIA4Under 09 Coed Aqua2011YYYMK

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