VYS 02 Red

Under 11 Girls  
Vienna Youth Soccer
Under 11 Girls First Division
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Under 11 Girls First DivisionWLTP
HERN Hurricanes White0011
MCLN Phoenix White0100
VSA Heat Gold0100
MSC Academy White2017
MCLN Phoenix Green0000
VSA Heat 02 Girls Blue0000
ASC Explosion Gold0000
HERN Hurricanes Black0000
VYS 02 Red0000
VYS Fury Black0000
LMVS Patriots Red 020000
SYC Force Orange0000
ALEX Heat Red0000
ODFC Freedom0000
MSC Green0100

WAGS POD Fall League (35)
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  Game Schedule   
11/10/2013ASC Explosion Gold T
11/03/2013Mys T
10/27/2013ODFC Freedom T
10/20/2013LMVS Patriots Red T
10/06/2013SYC Force Orange T
09/29/2013VSA Heat 02 Girls Blue T
09/22/2013ALEX Heat Red T
09/15/2013MSC White T
09/08/2013HERN Hurricanes Black T

 Other Results  
06/08/2014HERN Hurricanes Black T
06/01/2014LMVS Patriots Red 02 T
05/18/2014ALEX Heat Red T
05/11/2014VSA Heat 02 Girls Blue T
05/04/2014SYC Force Orange T
04/27/2014MSC Green T
04/13/2014ODFC Freedom T
04/06/2014MCLN Phoenix Green T
08/31/2013MRM Rush 02 3 - 1 L
06/09/2013ODFC Nova Legends Elite 02 T
06/02/2013HERN Hurricanes Black T
05/19/2013ALEX Heat Red T
05/12/2013LMVS Patriots Red T
05/05/2013MCLN Phoenix Green T
04/28/2013SYC Force Orange T
04/14/2013CSA Elite White T
04/07/2013VSA Heat 02 Girls Blue T
11/11/2012ODFC Quest Elite 21 T
11/04/2012ALEX Heat Red T
10/28/2012HERN Hurricanes Black T
10/21/2012SYC Force Red T
10/14/2012MCLN Phoenix Green T
09/30/2012LMVS Patriots Red T
09/23/2012VSA Heat 02 Girls Blue T
09/16/2012CSA Elite White T
09/02/2012BAC Tornadoes 1 - 0 W
09/02/2012Cardinal WHITE West 02 2 - 4 L
09/01/2012VYS Fury Silver 1 - 3 W
09/01/2012Loudoun 02 White 1 - 3 W
05/27/2012BRYC Elite 02 White 3 - 0 W
05/26/2012Bethesda Academy Blue 1 - 2 L
05/26/2012SYC Force Red 2 - 0 L
03/18/2012FCV Ashburn Explosion 4 - 0 L

Joe DeSantisTSO
Joseph HsuManager
Scott SmithAssistant
Gerardo RamirezCoach
Wendy WilsonAssista

No.NamePositionCBA Plus

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