The Playmakers
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Adult Coed
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Staff: Derrick Long
Staff: Derrick Long

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Emerald Premier League Adult Division S4 Results
SincSportsRecordWin %GoalsGoals AgainstGoal +/-Avg. GoalsAvg. AgainstAvg. +/-
Last 30 Days2-0-0100.0%16798.03.54.5
Last 3 Months--------
Last 6 Months4-5-044.4%393364.33.70.7
Past Year8-9-047.1%645953.83.50.3
Over a Year0-0-10.0%5505.05.00.0
All time14-14-148.3%124104204.33.60.7

Participating Teams

Adult Coed First Division
[Sansom Sportsplex]
StatsTeamsUSA RankRecordWin %Avg GoalsAvg AllowedAvg +/-
Drinking Team-7-3-163.6%
fc grey-0-2-00.0%0.54.0-3.5
Free Agents-1-1-050.0%3.56.0-2.5
MASH FC-12-18-040.0%3.23.9-0.7
Mixed Madness-0-1-00.0%3.04.0-1.0
One Night With Herman-9-2-081.8%
Orange United-4-21-314.3%2.15.3-3.1
Sevier FC-5-5-050.0%3.74.2-0.5
The Formerly in Shape-1-1-050.0%
The Playmakers-14-14-148.3%
Winded AF-11-16-139.3%3.74.8-1.1