Online Check-in

Deadline to start online Check-in: 5/5/2017 by 12:00 PM
Together we will get you checked in, pack your carry-on folder and make sure you remain informed of any changes. NO MORE GUESSWORK!
The deadline has passed for starting online check-in. If you have already started the online check-in process, login by clicking "Login" above to review or complete your check-in.
Please make sure you are using a current web browser to ensure a seamless experience - Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or IE11

Can I take a look before getting started?

You sure can! We want people to be happy about their decision to check-in online. Please click here for a sneak peek of the online check-in system.

How does the online check-in system work?

You will upload files to the system - which means that you will need digital versions of each file. You can get these by scanning them in or taking digital photos

Who should check-in online?

Anyone who wants to bypass the in-person check-in. If you have to travel a long distance for this event or you just don't want to feel rushed the day before competition then Online Check-in is the option for you!

Items needed to check-in

What will I need to do to complete Online Check-in?
  • Make sure your team roster is complete and accurate
  • Upload digital versions of the required or optional documents (scanned or digital photos)
  • Print reports (such as your official roster) and bring along the items that are marked to be included in your "carry-on" folder

Required Items

Application is paid in full
Certified list of Eligible Athletes
College Profiles
Contact during tournament
Medical Releases
Official Roster: Certified
Out of State Travel permit
Player Cards (incl. name/id) *
Player Cards (incl. photo) *
Stamped copy of offical roster
Tournament Roster