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Male Teams

2014 Boys 7v7$595.00
2013 Boys 7v7$595.00
2012 Boys 7v7$595.00
2011 Boys 9v9$645.00
2010 Boys 9v9$645.00
2009 Boys 11v11$795.00
2008 Boys 11v11$795.00
2007 Boys 11v11$795.00
2006 Boys 11v11$795.00
2005 Boys 11v11$795.00
2004 Boys 11v11$795.00
2003 Boys 11v11$795.00
2002 Boys 11v11$795.00

Female Teams

2014 Girls 7v7$595.00
2013 Girls 7v7$595.00
2012 Girls 7v7$595.00
2011 Girls 9v9$645.00
2010 Girls 9v9$645.00
2009 Girls 11v11$795.00
2008 Girls 11v11$795.00
2007 Girls 11v11$795.00
2006 Girls 11v11$795.00
2005 Girls 11v11$795.00
2004 Girls 11v11$795.00
2003 Girls 11v11$795.00
2002 Girls 11v11$795.00

Remit Address

14252 Culver Dr, A-192
Irvine, CA 92604


Name:Bart Hess

Orange County Kickoff Classic

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