• Select Program Fall 2017 Playdates

    Playdates for SELECT Program: ALL teams will begin: August 19th State Cup Seeding will be taken for All U15-18Gs the Monday following: October 15th NOTE: ONLY GAMES PLAYED BY THIS POINT WILL COUNT TOWARD STATE CUP SEEDING. U11&12 B/G: Teams can play matches through November 12th. U13&14 B/G: Teams can play matches through November 5th.  U15-19G, U15B OSL: Teams can play through November 5th. 
  • Select FAQs

    We have had several questions come to the office of issues that maybe others are having also.  Please help us realize that we are aware that some of you have never done self-scheduling.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us and we will assist you in finding an answer!
  • Referee Fees

    The current referee fees for the Select Program can be found under the "DOCs and/or INFO" above.


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