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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Jeremy Lesz Atlanta Fire 2006 Elite SCCL Defender2024
Jackson Davenport GSA 07B SCCL PREMIER 2020
Ethan Nunez Concorde Fire 2005B West White Forward/Mid2024
Liam Kuznar Concorde Fire 2005B West White Left Wing2024
Alexandro Rodriguez Concorde Fire 2005B West White 2024
Matthew Miller Concorde Fire 05B North Elite 2023
Jayden Barnes CFC Red Star 05B Premier 2024
Austin Neubert UFA 02/03B Gold Center Forward2022
Patrick Lyons GSA North 07B Red 2020
Kenan Godfrey AFC Lightning 02B NPL Midfield2021
Peter "Julian" De Jesus GSA North 11B Red Center Forward2020
Treasure Naefe UFA 02/03B Gold Forward2022
Kabir Patel AFC Lightning 04B NPL Center Mid2022
Kellen Ruzzo MSC 07B Elite Goalie2020
Henry Walmsley SSA Northside 05B Select Yellow 2 2024
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AFCTLC 2020 F M N 5 0
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