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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Gates Marshall GSA South 06B Premier Forward/Mid2024
Jacob Nelson Concorde Fire 2006B Central SCCL White Right Defender2024
Jacob Halverson GSA SCCL Premier 2 Center Defender2021
Yoseph Samson Concorde Fire 07B SCCL P1 2025
Joshua Donado AFC Lightning 03B Red Center Mid2021
Ash Armstrong AFC Lightning Griffin 07B Gold 2025
Fernando Ayala AFC Lightning 03B Red Center Mid2021
Kasey Lauderdale GSA North 05B Red Goalie2023
Samuel (Sami) Santander Concorde Fire 2006B West Black Left Mid2020
Luis Delgadillo AFC Lightning 05B Gold Forward/Mid2023
Gabe Dehart YMCA Arsenal Rome 06B 2025
Matthew Hayden UFA 02/03B Gold Center Forward2022
Cason Knotts CFC Red Star 04B Elite Goalie2023
Manuel Simental GSA SCCL Premier 2 Forward/Mid2021
John Donatelli OconeeFC 05 White Left Wing2024
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AFCTLC 2020 F M 5 0
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