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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Drew Sellers Georgia Storm 01B Elite Center Forward2020
Finn Goss All-In FC B05 Blue Forward2023
Charles Clark PPA GS 05B Pro-Profile 2024
Tazio Dos Santos IAFC Blues 02B Premier Center Defender2020
Conner Mullins Georgia Storm SA 05B Elite 2023
Jonathan Rodriguez Georgia Storm SA 05B Elite 2024
Jackson Boswell IAFC Blues 02B Premier Right Wing2020
Ashton Parnell All In FC 01 Boys Forward2020
Hammeth Castro KSA 03 Pro-Profile 2022
Saleh Kibengo KSA 03 Pro-Profile 2020
Safari Kashindi KSA 03 Pro-Profile 2020
Asa Joyeau Wilson KSA 03 Pro-Profile Left Defender2021
Andrea Abwe KSA 03 Pro-Profile 2022
Benjamin Gatchel KSA 03 Pro-Profile Goalie2021
Will Kenney MAYS Strikers 06B Blue Right Wing2024
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