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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Sophie Leadbetter USA North 10G Premier 2022
Morgan Mosley JCFC 06/07G 2022
Elisa Cruz-Hernandez JCFC 06/07G Center Mid2025
Mylee Gonzalez Lady Galaxy 05/06 Defender2025
Hallie Powell JCFC 06/07G Center Mid2025
Emma Duncan JCFC 06/07G Center Mid2022
Anna Wells JCFC 06/07G 2025
Cheyann Bridgeman JCFC 06/07G Center Mid2025
Sophie Young JCFC 06/07G Center Mid2025
Gabrielle Gullett JCFC 06/07G Center Mid2022
Avery Hurley JCFC 06/07G 2025
Valentina Balzan TSC Murfreesboro 08/09 Premier 2021
Lauren Bentley USA North 2004 Girls Goalie2023
Skyler Vogt USA North 2004 Girls Midfield2023
Natalie Gilmore USA North 2004 Girls Midfield2025
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COOKE 2022 F F 4 0
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