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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Cappie Kelly MS Rush Jackson 10B Elite 2021
Brantley Wiygul TFC 2003 Boys Blue Center Forward2023
Lawson Torrey Ms Rush 09B Premier II 2021
Tre Castro TFC 2003 Boys Blue 2022
Kendrick Lopez HFC Thunder 09 2021
Justin Hernandez HFC Thunder 09 2021
Malcolm Mbouombouo MS Rush 10B Madison Premier 2021
Payne Bosarge MS Rush 10B Madison Premier 2021
Braden McCay MS Rush 09B Elite 2021
Michael Soucie, JR Ms Rush 09B Premier II 2021
Eli Elinski Ms Rush 09B Premier II 2021
Landan Cox TFC 2003 Boys Blue Defender2021
Nathaniel Lepard TFC 2003 Boys Blue Left Wing2022
Joseph "Trey" Compretta III MS Rush 08B Elite 2021
Jefferson Turcios 06B Louisiana Fire Silver 2024
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CRSTHF 2021 F M N 4 0
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