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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Caleb Davis MS Rush United 04 Boys Elite Left Wing2022
Dylan Perkins PBFC 02/03B NPL Center Defender2022
Johnny Van Red River 02 Boys Center Defender2021
Luke Viguerie LSC 04B Legacy 2022
Benji Hernandez MS Rush United 03 Boys Elite 2021
Reese Seals Red River 02 Boys Center Defender2021
Abdal Zidan Red River 02 Boys 2024
Charles Droddy Red River 02 Boys Forward/Mid2021
Jackson McKinney Red River 02 Boys 2021
Zachery Mcwillie MS Rush United 03 Boys Premier Defender2022
Blake Primos MS Rush United 02/03 Boys Elite 2021
Joshua Brown Red River 02 Boys Goalie2021
Colten White MS Rush United 05 Boys Premier Right Defender2023
Carter (James) Barnett Red River 02 Boys 2023
Connor Mullins MS Rush United 05 Boys Premier Center Mid2024
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