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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Madison Easterling MS Rush 03B Elite Forward/Mid2021
Gabriel Evans-Wilcutt GCUFC 02 Boys Goalie2020
Tyler Ivory Brilla JUNIORS 2000 Boys Goalie2019
Matthew Wolvers Alliance FC 06 Boys 0
Sean Kennedy Bears FC Sweeper2019
Alex Giacona 04B Louisiana Fire Grey 2022
Duncan Cavett MS Rush 03B Elite 2022
David Kelley 04B Louisiana Fire Grey 2022
Landon Parrow MS Rush 03B Elite Goalie2022
John (Foster) Hamilton MS Rush 03B Elite Left Defender2022
James (Gibson) Brown MS Rush 03B Elite 2021
Austin Webb Southern States Soccer Academy B04 Premier 2022
James Prewitt Alliance FC 01/00 Boys 2019
Brandon Farrior MS Rush 00B Premier 2020
Samuel Long MS Rush 03B Elite 2021
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CRSTHF 2018 F M 4 0
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