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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Jennifer Neal MS Rush United 03 Girls Premier Defender2022
Mallory Pesnell Red River 02 Girls Defensive/Mid2022
Wesley Porter Louisiana Force 2007 Girls 2022
Ambur Dement Red River 02 Girls Defensive/Mid2023
Melinda Boyce Red River 02 Girls Defensive/Mid2021
Kailey Gilliam Red River 02 Girls Forward/Mid2021
Ella Glover Red River 02 Girls 2021
Dani Droddy Red River 04 Girls Defender2023
Kamryn Bluitt Red River 04 Girls 2023
Lowrey Lain Red River 04 Girls 2023
Brooke Miller Red River 04 Girls 2023
Elynn Kate (EK) Boothe Red River 02 Girls Defensive/Mid2021
Cameron Smith Red River 04 Girls Forward/Mid2023
Anna Keel Red River 04 Girls 2023
Kaydree Kemp Red River 04 Girls Right Wing2023
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