Women's College Soccer Recruits

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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Midori Allen VSO Girls 2009-2011 Forward/Mid2025
Anik Picarsic MS Rush United 09B Premier II Center Mid2027
Alexis Easley IFC 09G Mojo F 2027
Ella Jackson IFC 09G Mojo 2023
Savannah Combs Academy G STARS 2006/07 Left Wing2025
Lacey Lusk IFC 06/07G Red Forward2025
Autumn Daugherty Coastal Rush 09/10 Girls Showcase 2027
Cora Robey IFC 09G Mojo Center Mid2023
Erica Kobrock MSC Lakers Elite 08G Left Defender2027
Oliva Foshee IFC 09G Mojo 2023
Hannah Lau IFC 09G Mojo 2023
Ashby Robinson IFC 09G Mojo Defensive/Mid2023
Karleigh Jane McGowan MS Rush United 05 Girls Premier 2024
Lola Knight IFC 09G Mojo 2023
Brooklynn Robinson MS Rush United 09 Girls West 2027
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CRSTHF 2023 F F 4 0
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