Women's College Soccer Recruits

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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Catherine Benson Lady Lobos Rush Desoto-High School 2022
Mallory Jones Lady Lobos Rush Desoto-High School Defender2019
Camille Bohannon Brilla JUNIORS 2001 Girls 2020
Taylor Barkley LJCSA Lady Dawgs 2022
Emily Arias Alliance FC 04/05 Boys Center Defender2022
Kaley Harden MS Rush 04 Elite 2022
Anna Paschall USC 03 Girls Premier 2021
Danielle Flynt LJCSA Lady Dawgs Goalie2022
Maylee McLeod LJCSA Lady Dawgs 2019
Cameron Eichelberger USC 03 Girls Premier 2022
Avery Treloar MS Flood FC 01/02 Girls Center Defender2021
Allison Moore MS Flood FC 01/02 Girls Center Defender2020
Laighton Green MS Rush 04 Elite 2018
Sarah Williams 02/03 Rush Girls Premier Goalie2021
Morgan Evans 02/03 Rush Girls Premier 2017
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