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Men's College Soccer Recruits

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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Luca White 05 Lobos Rush Elite 2018
Omar Cehic FC Lakeshore 04 Boys Premier 2023
Victor Suarez 05 Lobos Rush Elite Goalie2023
John Robert Campbell 07 Lobos Rush Elite Center Mid2025
Jaylan Jackson 05 Lobos Rush Elite Left Defender2023
Matthew Wolf VHSC Steamers 04/05 Black Forward2023
Benjamin Ferguson VHSC Steamers 04/05 Black Defender2024
Andres Rostro 07 Lobos Rush Elite 2025
Evan Shairrick Mr. AR Rising 05B Clements 2023
Gavin Castle Chattanooga FC 04 Navy Defensive/Mid2023
Nicholas Bhasin 07 Lobos Rush Elite 2026
Chase Martin-Scott Midwest FC 2008/2007 Elite 2026
Aiden Klinger FC Montgomery 04/05 Boys Right Wing2024
Lucas Breeding AR Rising 05B Clements Goalie2023
Jack Barrientes Midwest FC 2005 Elite 2023
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GERMANF 2022 F M 5 0
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