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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Levi Edmonds Alabama FC 03/04 Boys ECNL Right Defender2022
Heath Miller AFC ECNL 2009 Boys 2021
Tyler Pennington Cajun Rush 04B Academy Goalie2022
Jake Purvis FC Dallas-EC 03B Select I Center Mid2022
Buttell Brett Coastal Rush 06 Boys NPL Center Defender2024
Sherrill Luke Coastal Rush 06 Boys NPL 2024
Brown Gunnar Coastal Rush 06 Boys NPL 2024
Clayton Nolen Coastal Rush 06 Boys NPL Forward/Mid2024
Ortiz Giovanni Coastal Rush 06 Boys NPL 2024
Hayden Olsen Coastal Rush 06 Boys NPL Midfield2024
Grieco Christian Coastal Rush 06 Boys NPL 2024
Jad Meadaa Cajun Rush 06B AEX Center Defender2024
Irakoze Enock Gulf Coast Texans Mobile 04B 2023
Drew Atkins Cajun Rush 06B AEX 2024
Jase Mccloskey Germantown Legends 07 Black 2021
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