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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Alex Blecher Navarre United 08 Boys Green 2020
Thomas Sarmiento PBFC 10 Boys Black 2020
Kason Hatzenbeler PBFC 10 Boys Black 2020
Lucius Renshaw Dothan Shockers FC 05/06B 2017
Payton Polidore Dothan Shockers FC 05/06B 2023
William Moody Dothan Shockers FC 05/06B 2020
Isaiah Dickerson Mobile United FC 02 D2 Boys 2020
Israel Gonzales Dothan Shockers FC 02/04B Right Defender2020
Logan Smith Dothan Shockers FC 02/04B 2021
Jacob King Dothan Shockers FC 02/04B Center Mid2021
Victor Suazo Gomez CBFC 02B 2021
Roman Cruz Navarre United 08 Boys Green 2020
Darby Stevenson CBFC 02B 2021
Albert Urrea CBFC 02B 2021
Liam Ackerman Navarre United 08 Boys Green 2020
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MOBFCHA 2020 F M 4 0
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