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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Regan Row JASA Coastal Surge Blk G Forward/Mid2024
Zoe Sullivan JASA Coastal Surge G Goalie2022
Jadyn Patton Golden Ball Soccer Academy GBSA 02 Girls 2021
Hanlon Mayhue Golden Ball Soccer Academy GBSA 02 Girls 2021
Abigail Litwin 2002 Girls Shore Liverpool FC Inter 2021
Isabella Ragan 2002 Girls Shore Liverpool FC Inter 2021
Reese Komsthoeft Union Showcase G2002 2020
Isabella Gurrieri JIYSC 03G Red Defender2019
Adrianna Machado SC Surf MP 02/03 Blue Defender2022
Blythe Braun Union Showcase G2002 2020
Meagan Alvarez Miami Rush Kendall SC 2005 White Goalie2023
Chloe Wessell Team Boca 2002 Girls White 2 2021
Taylor Nutzman CESA 02/03G ECRL Defender2022
Rachel Balinao Union Showcase G2002 Right Wing2021
Ava Wilson Racing Louisville 06 ECNL Defender2025
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NCFCGCS 2020 F F 2 0
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