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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Audrey Potter NGSA 09 Lady Lions 2022
Molly Wallis Georgia Storm 09G Elite 2026
Hannah Smith RW 08 Center Mid2026
Victoria Coleman SSA 10G Yellow CL 2022
Gabi Fernandes Chattanooga FC 07 Navy 2025
Emerson Clarke RW 08 Left Wing2026
Adi Regreutto RW 08 2026
Emilie Burris RW 08 Goalie2026
Hannah Helms RW 08 Center Defender2026
Isla Richard RW 08 Center Defender2026
Mallory Commander RW 08 2026
Ansley Morris RW 08 Right Defender2026
Aubrey Childress All-In FC TN 07/08 Girls Center Forward2026
Lauren Storie All-In FC TN 07/08 Girls Center Defender2026
Catherine Katz SSA 10G Yellow CL 2022
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RIVFESTC 2022 F F 4 0
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