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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Renn Knesal SMSC ELITE 2010B 2018
Zion Reed SMSC EDA 2010 BLUE 0
Jayden Hernandez SMSC EDA 2010 BLUE 2017
Nicholas Young SYSC 07B Green 2020
Alex Cressionie Legacy Boys ‘08 0
Anderson Rodriguez SYSC 08B Green Sweeper0
Brody Dufrene Legacy Boys ‘08 0
Brody Hatchett Madisonville Lightning Green 07 2018
Brody Tanner Academy B08 0
Brady Vangeffen SYSC 07B Green 2018
Carter Douglas Legacy Boys ‘08 0
Chase Manning Legacy Boys ‘08 0
Grayson V Madisonville Lightning Green 07 2020
Joseph Aguirre Southern States Soccer Academy B07 2020
John Clarke Legacy Boys ‘08 0
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SOACADNA 2019 F M 4 0
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