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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Jackson Roberson Impact SC 04B Elite Center Defender2022
Sebastian Gossmann Georgia Impact SC 03B Elite 2023
Donovan Silva IAFC Blues 04B Elite Midfield2023
Ehtaloe Htoo Athens United 04 Gold Forward/Mid2023
Micheal Perez U15 Almaraz (Fall 2020) 2024
Fausto Bianco Athens United 06 Gold Center Forward2024
Edward Tello All-In FC Sugar Hill 04B Gold Right Defender2023
Ali Bilalov FC Sudamerica 04B Platinum Forward/Mid2022
Jimmy Chinchilla Alianza Gold 04 Defender2023
Geordi Ngartoubam KSA 04 Pro-Profile 2022
Soohyuk Choi MOBA 04 Forward/Mid2024
Jose Juarez MAYS Strikers 04 Elite Defender2022
Eli Hollifield AFC Lightning 03 Gold Goalie2021
Angel Torres Alianza Elite 03 Defender2021
Edwin Guerrero LSA Archies FC 03 Center Defender2021
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STATEGA 2020 F M N 5 0
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