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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Liam Giblin Baltimore Celtic Central Right Defender2021
Stan Gawel Saint Mary’s Showcase Goalie2022
Eryk Sagisi T Baltimore Celtic Center Mid2020
Kyle Norris Nero 01b(rush) Goalie2020
Patrick Nolan Nero 01b(rush) Defender2020
Carter Childs Nero 01b(rush) 2020
Carlos Martinez Rangers Blue(olny) Left Defender2020
Cameron Cha Nero 01b(rush) Center Defender2020
Sean Mathias Ltsc 2002 Green(ltsc) Defensive/Mid2020
Michael Auth MD Rush Montgomery Blue '01b Nero - Harv(mrm)Defender2020
Parker Sherrill Rangers Blue(olny) Goalie2020
Ryan Halli MD Rush Montgomery Blue '01b Nero - Harv(mrm)Center Mid2020
Jordan Campbell Sms United(smu) Left Defender2022
Peter Walton Baltimore Celtic Nesbitt 2020
Jonathan Trepowski Bethesda Blue 2022
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