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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Luis Tuttle CISC Futures North Left Wing2022
Caden Johnson CISC Futures North Goalie2021
Owen Griffith NCFC Gold North 2025
Luis Chavez NCF Premier 2021
Camden Way PTFC Black 2024
Sivaram Muthiah Raja WFC Leeds United 2025
Samuel Larios-Loyo NCFC Gold DCH 2023
Zade Tincher HCSA United Center Mid2022
Cliff Owusu TUSA Wake LeicesterCity Left Wing2021
Harrison McMinimy NCFC Gold South 2024
Jake Herbert CISC Futures North Center Mid2022
William Stoffel PTFC Black 2023
Ellis Sheridan CISC North NM BLUE Right Defender2022
Stonewall Strickland HFC Red 2025
Jarib Pott HFC Red Midfield2021
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STATENC 2021 F M 5 0
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