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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Jude Sawyer 08 (16U) JASA Coastal Surge Blk Midfield2026
Brady Flanigan 07 (17U) WFC Blue Center Defender2026
Devin Tangari 09 (15U) WFC Black Center Mid2028
Joseph Reams 08 (16U) WFC Gold North 2026
Cole Dutton 09 (15U) TUSA Gold Center Mid2028
Holden Hayward 06 (18U) NCFCY Gold North 2026
Daniel Young 08 (16U) SCS Clinton United Defensive/Mid2027
Dean Manter 10 (14U) PTFC Triad Premier Right Defender2028
Andi Cruz Lopez 08 (16U) NCF HPJ Gold Left Defender2026
Zechariah Duke-Graves 07 (17U) NCRT Blue 2025
Edgar Carbajal Perez 05 (19U) CVFC Crystal Palace Right Wing2025
Owen Butler 09 (15U) NCFCY White North 2027
Liam Bailey 08 (16U) NCFCY Gold North Center Mid2026
Jose Rangel-giron 06 (18U) NCFCY Gold South 2024
Jason Collins 09 (15U) WFC Genoa 2028
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